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The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC): Corporate Welfare for Obama Cronies

Posted: September 23, 2013 at 2:00 pm   /   by

The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC): Corporate Welfare for Obama Cronies

California Solar Companies



Organizing for Action, President Obama’s campaign team, has gotten involved in Arizona’s solar debate. Conservative groups want to update Arizona’s solar subsidy policy – known as net metering – to make it fair for all customers, including those with solar and those who want to adopt solar in the future. But OFA and the California-based solar companies tied to the Obama Administration want hardworking Arizonans to continue subsidizing their wealthy customers. These out-of-state Obama cronies have already received millions in government contracts, and they want more. They know they can’t survive without handouts and subsidies.

The current, unfair net metering policies were put in place in 2007, to prop up the solar industry. Six years later, it’s time for these companies to stand on their own in the free market. Tell the Arizona Corporation Commission we shouldn’t be forced to subsidize President Obama’s pals!

The Facts on Arizona’s Rooftop Solar:

  • According to estimates, Arizona utility companies pay solar customers more than three times the fair market rate for their excess energy
  • Solar customers do not pay their share for the electric grid we ALL use
  • The costs solar customers avoid are passed on to other customers
  • As more Arizonans adopt solar, the cost to non-solar customers will skyrocket

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