Video: Obama will negotiate with Putin, but not Congress

| September 20 2013

Find Out Who the Obama Admin is Eager to Negotiate With

After adding more than $6 trillion to the national debt, the president now says he won’t work in a bipartisan way to address our spending problem and strengthen our economy.

But while the White House is stiff-arming Congress and the American people over needed spending cuts and reforms, there’s somebody out there that the Obama administration is eager to work with …

click here to watch our new video, “Negotiations,” and find out who.

Attaching deficit reduction measures to a debt limit increase is a common-sense policy that presidents of both parties have used for decades. “Even President Obama worked with us two years ago in the debt limit negotiations to put controls on spending,” said Speaker Boehner. This year shouldn’t be different.

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Is it just me? Despite the unrelenting bipartisan and media criticism he gets, does anyone else out there view Boehner as a calculated, patient, bide your time kind of leader who has been toying with Obama and the Dem controlled senate right up to the eleventh hour (on several issues)?  


@WesternFreePress @rofomoreno Thinking this whole thing through, both from the onset of Obama's "Hope & Change", and as well from the point in time that Boehner took the awesome gavel: It just seems (and right now, I don't think I'm so far out in right field ...) that there is a slick semblance of the Eastwood character in "High Plains Drifter" (the walk, the posture, and that intimidating, studying, sizing up the possibilities look) reading the oppositions vulnerabilities right up to convincing them to welcoming the pillagers and plunderers to do their deeds. Is Boehner doing something diabolical to his bipartisan detractors?

Indeed, a bit "crazy" and a lot of sly "like a fox"(???).    


@WesternFreePress @rofomoreno Between Boehner and the Pres (with Obama setting up a triple jump to declare "King Me)", I would bet on Boehner to be the more enduring and more calculating chess strategist.

WesternFreePress moderator

@rofomoreno Maaaayyyyybe. Boehner is an interesting person. I think he is ideologically reasonably conservative. And he certainly is very shrewd. But he's also part of the entrenched network in DC, and that colors some of his actions. I wish he would be more forthright and take stands more readily. Right now, he is a manager, and I would prefer a leader. But we take what we can get!