VIDEO: Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Sean Hannity on Delay/Defund Obamacare

| September 19 2013
David Leeper

On Sept 18, House Speaker John Boehner surprised conservatives (pleasantly) by announcing that a Sept 20 vote would be held on a Continuing Resolution (CR) that would halt all funding for Obamacare but fully fund everything else in the federal leviathan — that is, all 479 federal agencies and departments would take no new cuts.

In the video clip below, Sean Hannity discusses this initiative with its two principal architects, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).   See

As they’ve been doing for over two months, the Senators try to correct the notion that the Republicans are willing to “shut down the government.” That phrase is heard dozens of times daily in the media, even the more conservative media. Through repetition, many people have implicitly come to believe the Presidents’ claims about GOP “extortion”.

Of course, if any part of the government were to get shut down, it would be President Obama or his lapdog Harry Reid who do it.  Full funding would be provided by the House’s CR if Reid would pass it and the President would sign it.

It will take a full-fledged PR campaign to get this central fact across to the American people. It’s what Senators Cruz and Lee obliquely call “winning the argument.”

How could it be done?

Reince Priebus could hire a Washington big-time PR firm, pay them well, include a bonus for a successful campaign, and win one for a change! Or they could hire the same old, same old Beltway consultants who get paid to keep losing elections for the GOP.

How about it, Reince?