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House to Vote on Defunding ObamaCare as Law’s Unpopularity Reaches New High

Posted: September 19, 2013 at 2:00 pm   /   by

Americans “continue to adamantly oppose” the president’s health care law, according to several surveys showing disapproval at a “record high.”  With ObamaCare’s implementation set to begin in just two weeks, families and small business owners are right to be concerned.  Here’s a look at why Americans fear this train wreck of a law, and why House Republicans will vote to defund it, giving the Senate and president the opportunity to protect all Americans from its disastrous consequences:

  • A Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey finds that the majority of Americans (52 percent) believe the president’s health care law “will result in their health-care costs increasing,” and 45 percent say “it will have a negative impact on the country’s health-care system.”

Far from the president’s promise to “bend the cost curve,” numerous states – from California to Ohio, and most recently Wisconsin – report that health insurance rates on the individual market will skyrocket.  According to a National Journal analysis, “for the vast majority of Americans, premium prices will be higher,” and insurance companies have already told small business owners to expect premium increases of 20 percent or more, “making some owners consider not paying for coverage” at all, says the Associated Press.

  • According to a Fox News survey, “nearly 7 out of 10” Americans “are concerned about their personal health care under” ObamaCare, “the number feeling concerned is more than twice that of those who are unworried (31 percent).”

That concern is well-placed.  The Wall Street Journal reports today that “Walgreen Co. is set to become one of the largest employers yet to make sweeping changes” to its health care plan, citing “rising health-care costs” and “compliance-related expenses associated with the new law” as the reason it’s no longer providing coverage through the company for roughly 160,000 of its employees.  Trader Joe’s has also informed employees that it will be cutting their health care and moving part-time workers to the exchanges. Cincinnati-based Kroger foods recently announced it would “cut health care coverage for workers’ spouses,” joining UPS and others in what “could become a model for companies nationwide.”  And “America’s biggest employers, from GE to IBM” are “increasingly moving retirees to insurance exchanges,” Bloomberg reports, “an historic shift that could push more costs onto U.S. taxpayers.”

  • Americans’ views of the president’s health care law “are as negative as ever,” a USA TODAY/Pew Research Center survey finds, with disapproval of the law at a record high 53 percent.  The survey also finds that 41 percent of Americans believe ObamaCare’s “effect on themselves and their family will be negative.”

With more than 250 companies reporting that they have cut jobs and hours due to ObamaCare, American families are already feeling the negative effects of the president’s health care law.  It’s “perplexingsmall businesses and manufacturers alike (not to mention the Obama administration itself), forcing them to put off expanding and hiring, and transforming the workforce into a “part-time nation.”

At a press conference earlier today announcing plans to vote on defunding the law, Speaker Boehner noted that “the president has signed seven bills over the last two and a half years to make changes to ObamaCare,” adding that this latest vote will give the Senate the opportunity to make it eight.  Hopefully, for the sake of American families and small businesses, they’ll do just that.

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House to Vote on Defunding ObamaCare as Law’s Unpopularity Reaches New High