Are solar companies scamming rooftop solar customers?

| September 12 2013
Christopher Cook

Signs point to . . .

dleeper47 moderator

Of course solar customers should be careful in choosing a solar provider, as they should with any home improvement contractor.  There are some bad apples out there, but I wouldn't condemn the whole industry for that.

I'm now in my 5th year with my solar provider, and the performance has been flawless. I now pay zero (zip, nada, bupkis) for the entire year's "on-peak charges" on my power company's bill.

My provider will install a leased system for no money down -- all one needs is a good credit rating and a roof well-oriented for solar.  I pay a lease charge for the solar system, but I had a positive cash flow starting in the first month. They delivered the goods as promised, albeit with some getting-started government-provided subsidies that are now fading away.  All state subsidies vanish in 3 months.

I'll be writing a article soon on the current war of words between advocates for solar companies and advocates for regulated monopolies. Conservatives don't care much for government subsidies or for monopolies in general, so this is an interesting issue for a conservative-friendly website. We can have a lively substantive discussion.

If anyone wants to ask about my particular experience with solar, add a reply to this comment ... 

By the way, who produced/sponsored this video? Who is benefiting from its message?