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Drug Cartels Place 250K Bounty for Murder of Any Minuteman Leader

Posted: September 4, 2013 at 4:45 pm   /   by

Arizona Minuteman Reunion Called Off?

By Alan Korwin

A proposed reunion of Minutemen, tentatively scheduled for a site near the border in October has been postponed, due to word that drug cartels have put a $100,000 bounty out for the death of any Minuteman, and a $250,000 bounty out for the death of any officer or leader of the Minutemen. Showing up at a pre-announced place and time struck me originally as a less than wise idea. Openly or discreetly carrying sidearms, as Minutemen are known to do, which is legal under Arizona law, might be insufficient protection, according to leading expert sources.

Although long-range sniping might be a problem, an up close machete massacre by coked-up drug-cartel fiends might be a bigger problem, for the message it would send. Homeland Security officials and the Border Patrol spokespersons could not be reached for comment, as they were preoccupied at a press conference, announcing that the border was now safer than it has ever been.

In other news, the border has been officially moved to south of Interstate I-8, fifty miles north of the previously established international border. Look at the last line on this sign. Mexico, not the U.S. controls this land. Compare this sign to what the “news” media has been telling you.



  1. terry j says:

    nothing has been postponed,,as far as we are concerned,you dont realy think that the minute men are afraid do you, after all we know what the dangers are. we are old and young big and smalll,dont leat a fat old man fool you ,he will killl with out hesatation if you threaten him. for the rest of you arm chair mouth peaces ,shut up and let the real men  take care of things.

    1. terry j I am sure Alan is on your side. Maybe it would be more effective not to sling insults at him.

  2. terry j says:

    Dont know alan, and was in no way pointing a finger at him, nothing has been post poned, this is a general statment you are with us or your not and there is no middle ground.the minutemen will be on post doing what we do best covering each others ass. and as i have said the arm chair mouth peaces can kiss my ass i am bringing more ammo.

Drug Cartels Place 250K Bounty for Murder of Any Minuteman Leader