Foster Friess: Efforts to End ObamaCare Could Unify GOP

| August 22 2013
Christopher Cook

“Friess Associates founder Foster Friess weighs in on the health-care law and what he says it could mean for the Republican Party.”


Nice happy talk from Mr. Friess, who seems like a very nice man.

Per Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, the GOP has everything it needs right now to halt Obamacare cold on Sept 30. They have the Constitutional authority, a House majority, and clear data from multiple polls to halt all funding for Obamacare for at least one year.

Now that's what I call a Foster Friess 'rifle shot'. Take it, GOP. Take the shot!

Come on, Mr. Boehner. Quit dithering and dissembling.  Schedule an up-down vote on the Cruz/Lee approach as soon as Congress returns. Even if that vote fails, we'll at least know whom to primary challenge for 2014.

And if you don't call that up-down vote, I already know what single Democrat I will send money to next year ... namely, your opponent in your 2014 re-election bid!

WesternFreePress moderator

@Econ101Mr. Friess is indeed one of the good guys. 

I would never send money to a Dem, but I sympathize with your concerns. SOMETHING big needs to be done. Now is not the time for small measures, or business as usual. We are facing an existential crisis; that is not a time to be afraid of the media and how they might spank our side. They spank us no matter what we do; we might as well do something that has hope of actually fixing the problem.


@WesternFreePress @Econ101 

Amen to that. I would give money to a conservative Dem, like a Zell Miller, for sure, but he's long gone, and there remain only lefty automatons in the Dem party.

If Boehner wimps out on the clear opp'y we have here, where do we go next? Wimp out on debt ceiling extensions?  This looks like our last clear shot to do something other than tinker around the margins.

If we have to lose the country to the neo-Marxists, I'd rather do it standing up in a 3rd-party alamo-style-stand than joining the wimpy GOP in meek surrender.

Which would you choose?