Mark Levin on Fire, Slams GOP Leaders, Aug 20, 2013

| August 21 2013
David Leeper

Mark Levin, author of The Liberty Amendments, was in full attack mode on the Sean Hannity Show, August 20, 2013. The core topic was Obamacare, but Hannity and Levin broadened that into a fiery discussion of the GOP’s general timidity and fecklessness.

The GOP has what it needs to freeze Obamacare in its tracks. It has the Constitutional power-of-the-purse authority that the Framers put in the Constitution for exactly this kind of situation. It has the majority that Conservatives won for the GOP in 2010. And it has the will of the American people as expressed in countless polls favoring repeal or defunding of Obamacare.

How can the GOP-led House defund it? Follow the Cruz/Lee plan for a Continuing Resolution that funds everything in the federal Leviathan except Obamacare. And, in advance, use a professional PR firm to lay responsibility for any cynical revenge “shutdowns” on Harry Reid and Barack Obama, which is exactly where it would belong.

If the GOP leaders don’t stand up when they hold the cards they need, when will they stand up? Or, as Levin says, are they really just another part of the whole Washington Big Government complex, guardians of the status quo, cajoling us with strong conservative rhetoric and then betraying us when the time comes to stand and deliver?

We’re about to find out.

The video above centers around Obamacare, the biggest alligator in the swamp that is Washington, DC.  Levin’s new book is about draining that swamp via the Constitution’s Article 5. Note that Levin is not the first to pursue the Article-5 approach. See also the links here, here, and here. Levin’s fine book, with its cogent arguments and historical references, may bring enough support to the Article-5 movement for it to reach critical mass and make a real difference to our country’s future.



I surely hope that Levin's inspirational solution to a post-Constitution federal government keeps gaining momentum and blows DC out of the park.  They should be verwy, verwy frightened.  I can only dream of a country that's put "humpty-dumpty" together again.  It won't be easy and it won't be quick, but I believe we all will find a way.


How ironic, appropriate and long overdue in this day and age the need of Republicans to severely reprimand Republicans.

Like the potentially damaging influence in our lives as youths, friends and associations of questionable character were the focus under the watchful eyes of our parents. Not only the parental obligation and the long term effects on their own offspring, but also possessing an innate adult obligation to step in with necessity to guide and direct those questionable friends toward a better path. 

People of high moral character (as hoped for and held in high regard by MLK) are like that. 


@WesternFreePress @rofomoreno It makes perfect sense to me. If an ideal (Liberalism) which nurtures, markets and promotes itself through the arts of deception, can calculate, slither, manipulate and constrict it's way to a complete takeover of a national political party, I see no reason in the world that the same techniques and strategies could not be applied in a reversal affect. Beginning of course with members straying by the influences of vain pride and vainglory, away from time tested, healthy principles of tradition.

As we all know too well (both as kids and now as parents), some of us more so than others, a healthy dose of embarrassment with a reasonably careful measure of humiliation can be a reliable corrective agent to motivate one back to prudent thinking. Just as it is sometimes desperately needed in parenting, it has now arrived to a political point of desperate need in the GOP where corrective measures are in order before the foundation of the Constitution is further burdened by mounting intentional complications. It is time to implement long overdue discipline or begin purging the riffraff by showing them the door. 

Can it work? ... assuming the will is there, without a doubt.



@WesternFreePress @rofomoreno @Econ101 No, no. Quite the contrary. That was in anticipation (perhaps poorly) of a Liberal reaction to what took place in the village you painted. Believe me I have been called an unrealistic idealist for simply suggesting abandoning certain government funded programs in Maryvale in hopes of exhibiting success by becoming a more self reliant community.

There is nothing flawed nor unrealistic in having a stark idealistic contrast that gives and defines distance (and depth perception) apart from Leftist motives that would have us all in the hamlet, or village, at each others throats, all in the name of their concept of peace and harmony.

 A vision of existing as far away from that kind of quality of life (how much tolerance we are expected to extend in order to be in governing compliance) is praise worthy, even if for the mere hint of it. Enlightenment begins in hints,



@WesternFreePress @rofomoreno 

Right on. Levin says that no one knows what the GOP stands for anymore unless perhaps it's the "status quo".

Why do human beings form a govt? Fundamentally for protection from force and fraud. 

The Constitution is a license granted to the federal govt to exercise enumerated powers to that end. If abused, licenses can and should be modified or revoked. That's why Levin wrote his book.

But about half the country would add to "protection from force and fraud" something like this: to make sure everyone has a decent standard of living. And that's where all the trouble starts.

It may now be too late to roll back the federal govt. But we have to try.

WesternFreePress moderator

@rofomoreno I always come back to this: good policy makes good politics. Do the right thing, for the right reasons, and do it loud and proud, and people will follow. The problem, I fear, in the GOP, is that many have them have become ideologically unmoored. IMO, we all need a return to first principles. Indeed, I would have them go so far back to basics that the first question I would ask is this: Why do human beings form a government?