Amazing Survey on Zimmerman-Martin Trial Shows Extreme Media Bias

| August 15 2013
Christopher Cook

This survey helps place the media’s extremely and dangerously biased reporting in stark relief. Granted, those of you who followed the trail VERY closely may be aware of more than the average person. However, it is clear that the media not only failed to do its duty to report facts accurately, but actively and knowingly went out of its way to distort the entire affair.

Check out this stunning questionnaire, filled with facts that a lot of people never heard from the mainstream press:



Regrettably and quietly deep, I am sure, Trayvon Martin's parents are struggling through endless grief and wonder over their owns paths that led them to become a broken family. Believe me, a broken family sticks in the mind, heart and spirit of a broken kid - right down to his last dying breath. His life may have ended by the hand of George Zimmerman, but Trayvon was already dying.

Assuming the Photoshop artist of the above depictions displayed his/her talent to prod the viewers soul into seeing racism (contrived, at that ) with the media assuming the role of curator through the skills of journalism by omission, it reeks of desperation to keep the diminishing arts of race baiting, marketing and profiteering alive. 

How shameless and void of conscience they are to heap this added weight to the life heavy burden being carried by Trayvon martin's parents.


@WesternFreePress@rofomorenoYes sir. We posted it (via The Blaze) to ALRA Facebook questioning the implied racism, from where the artist acquired funding and a nod of approval to display it in the Florida capitol.       

I would contend that the very act of bearing false witness, be it freedom of expression, free speech or freedom of the press, to implicate or recklessly allege racism has the potential (i.e. Al Sharpton, Tawana Brawley and media protectionism) of far exceeding the flashpoint of actual bigotry. 

The race profiteers (media included as the survey proves) use this kind of induced bigotry as an Improvised Explosive Device of which they control the length of the fuse. It is they to whom responsibility should be brought to bear in facilitating this continued American divide. In essence, the artist, free to express her opinion, scrambled desperately to keep their bigotry phantom fuse lit.  

WesternFreePress moderator

@rofomoreno You are right in every regard. The fact that they would display this piece of execrable excrement at the state capitol . . . that is beyond the pale.