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Obamacare Has a Hidden Funding Stream Congress Can’t Touch

Posted: August 14, 2013 at 10:45 am   /   by

The Obama “stash” for Obamacare

By  Bob de La Tigra

The Congressional Research Service did a study in October 2010 regarding “Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, or as we have come to know it, Obamacare), a copy of which can be seen at

hidden_secret_funding_moneyUsing the CRS-PPACA Report, Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Steve King (R-IA) have publicized the fact that hidden within the ObamaCare laws is approximately $105 billion dollars in already appropriated funds representing the seed money for the actual implementation of ObamaCare.

Even more egregious are the numerous line items within Obamacare which are funded with the following language ;

“Requires the Secretary to transfer from the Medicare Part A and Part B trust funds $500 million for the period FY2011 thru FY2015, to remain available until expended.”

“appropriates amounts necessary for the Secretary to award state grants. For each fiscal year, the Secretary must determine the total amount that will be made available to each state.”

“Appropriates $5 billion, to remain available without fiscal year limitation, to pay claims against (and administrative costs of) the highrisk pool that are in excess of premiums collected from enrollees.”

“Appropriates $5 billion, to remain available without fiscal year limitation, to carry out the reinsurance program.”

Dr. Arie Friedman stated in his
March 2011 blog >

the first hint of this funding problem came right after ObamaCare was passed. Throughout the law one could find numerous examples of appropriations that allowed various agencies and programs to start work right away. A few examples of this include $4 billion dollars to fund high risk pools; $200 million dollars to fund school-based primary care programs; $5 billion to reinsure private company retiree benefits; $6 billion to create health care CO-OPs, etc.

Then, last month, the Congressional Research Service updated a report entitled, Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This straightforward document produced by the Library of Congress’s research arm lists seven full pages of appropriations for ObamaCare that total approximately $105 billion dollars. Anyone who wants to read a liberal wish list of health care programs would be well served to review this report.

Every time the Federal Government creates a new agency, hires a bureaucrat, or publishes a new regulation, the funding must first have been appropriated by Congress. That’s why the “defund” portion is such an important element of the strategy to protect us from ObamaCare.

Unfortunately, we now see that the authors of ObamaCare anticipated a Republican House might attempt to starve their health care law. As a result, they were careful to preload ObamaCare with money borrowed from our children and grandchildren. While eliminating future funding has some value, ObamaCare is so well nourished with cash that a great deal amount of damage will be done unless more drastic action is taken.

ObamaCare represents the biggest budget buster of them all. Clawing back the $105 billion of already appropriated ObamaCare funds needs to be made a high priority. Otherwise, we have little hope of preventing the implementation of this dangerous, freedom robbing, and deeply unpopular health care law.

If the Republicans in Congress are successful, they will have accomplished the two noble goals of both halting ObamaCare and cutting federal spending by a truly meaningful amount. Until ObamaCare is truly defunded, it will remain a dual threat to our liberty and our economic survival.”

Dr. Friedman, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz could not be more correct in their assessments that it is literally “do or die” time for Obamacare, because once the funding begins in FY14 for State reimbursements and Kathleen Sebelius “appropriates amounts necessary for the Secretary to award state grants”, then all bets are off and the economic death spiral begins without limit or restriction

Ask you Representative EXACTLY how much Sebelius and HHS will spend for Obamacare in FY14 ?

When he or she starts the double talk about how this is a “mandated program”, tell  your Representative a vote for some unknown amount, or ANY amount, they vote for Obamacare in the September 2013 Continuing Resolution is their letter of resignation , and then, start looking for an honest replacement.

Obamacare Has a Hidden Funding Stream Congress Can't Touch