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Obama’s Lasting Legacy: Transforming America

Posted: August 13, 2013 at 7:00 am   /   by

A Nation of Dependents That Sustain the Democratic Party

On the eve of the election in 2008, Barack Obama got lost in his own enthusiasm and revealed his agenda for the coming presidency when he said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Now we know that he meant it, and intended to apply all his beliefs and experience as a left-wing community organizer to altering nearly every institution of government.

At the time, Obama’s comment was lost in the euphoria of the newness of Obama himself. To millions he was a blank slate. He promised an end to bipartisanship, new respect for America abroad, renewed economic prosperity, and even the final chapter in the country’s long struggle with race.

For those who looked below the surface, there was ample evidence of Obama’s true intentions. Throughout his adult life, Obama was a committed ideologue, seasoned in the struggles of class warfare and adept at describing America’s past sins.

It didn’t take long for Obama to reveal his true intentions. Within weeks of his inauguration came his devotion to overheated Keynesian economics in the nearly $1 trillion stimulus plan. Then came Obamacare, his most ambitious goal of all. When he traveled abroad, he apologized for America’s foreign policy.

All along was there was evidence to know what Obama meant by “transforming” the United States. But hardly anyone looked. To this day, the mainstream media conceal his true beliefs and what he hopes will be his legacy.

There is one telling piece of evidence that deserves re-examination today for a look at Obama’s blueprint for his presidency. It was a speech at Loyola College in 1998 when Obama served in the Illinois Senate. It was a clear statement of his belief in the redistribution of wealth and the Democratic Party as the vehicle to form a majority coalition of voters dependent on a vast array of government programs.

The Daily Caller exposed an audio version of the speech last fall when Mitt Romney was savaged for saying that 47 percent of Americans are captive Democratic voters because they receive government payments and pay no income tax. He was right.

In his 1998 speech, Obama was clear about his philosophy and his goal of creating a lasting voter majority that would sustain the Democratic Party.

“I actually believe in wealth distribution,” Obama said “At least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.”

Obama still talks about everybody getting a “fair shot,” but he doesn’t see the path to that goal through free market capitalism that creates jobs. He sees the government as the custodian of the “fair shot.”

The future president said he believed the working poor and welfare recipients capable of serving as a “majority coalition”—the foundation of the Democratic Party’s road to permanent power. Today he carries on endlessly about helping the “middle class,” but his policies reveal his true intentions.

Obama is devoted to expanding a nation of citizens dependent on the federal government. He recoils at any suggestion of economic opportunity that serves the individual. To him, the deck is stacked against the individual who can only be rescued by government programs.

He only has a few years left to continue forming a dependent society that will elect Democrats. But he has accomplished a great deal.

Obamacare is well on its way to destroying private insurance and advancing single-payer health care. His budgets pile more debt on the $17 trillion already on the books. The economy is stalled and mired in regulation. Millions rely on food stamps and move from unemployment insurance to disability payments.

All the while, the president doesn’t seem to mind. He is well on his way to cementing his majority coalition that looks to the Democratic Party for its security and even its sustenance. It’s the Obama legacy.


John Walker

John Walker

Team Writer at Western Free Press
John Walker is a long time observer of American politics with experience in journalism, government, and public affairs.

During the course of his career, Walker has worked in Chicago, Washington DC, New York City, and Phoenix. He served as a reporter in Chicago, a press secretary and speechwriter in Washington, and in numerous positions in New York in corporate and financial services communications.

Walker is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.
John Walker

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  1. dleeper47 says:

    Great post — this vile scheme could be stopped and reversed at the voting booth, but vote fraud has been so ignored by everyone, including the media, that it is now an integral part of the Left’s campaign planning.  
    Holder’s DOJ will do nothing to stop vote fraud, claiming “lack of evidence” right through 2016. Holder (and the ACLU) will even cultivate vote fraud by blocking voter id requirements.  Fraud has to be fought at the state level, especially in swing states.  See

    1. dleeper47 That is certainly one of our more urgent problems!

    2. harold5187 says:

      dleeper47 I watched to of the long debates between the House Rep’s and the House Dem’s, and I could tell that it was going nowhere, because the House Reps wanted to keep America vunerable, and only open up certain parts of Government, while if they had voted, they had enough votes to open up the Government completely.  Things would have had a different outcome if none of those Agency heads were they’re speaking, eg. on behalf of the FDA, and others; If they had American Citizens in there voting, the issue would have been resolved immediately.  But too many politicians have their own agenda, while using the “needs of the American people” as their excuses.  It’s the biggest hypocrisy ever, and none of those idiots represent the American people in my opinion!

  2. rofomoreno says:

    Historically, as minorities have been the overwhelming force behind the exchange between promises of continued dependency for Democrat votes (continued Lib-Progressivism), it only stands to reason that the GOP/RNC would/should yield to Right leaning minorities to communicate their exodus experience (as well exemplified in the “I am a Republican” video series) of progressing out from dependency and into the true American achievement of independence.
    If the Democrat message, subliminally or otherwise, is one of dependency on government, then we on the minority Right can be the counter to voice the indignant nature of it.  (Ah, but if only the GOP/RNC would yield)

    1. rofomoreno At least the AZ GOP is doing something along these lines. Did you help at all? Or are you still technically a “Democrat”? :-)

      1. rofomoreno says:

        WesternFreePress rofomoreno Agreed. AZ GOP is taking good steps but to a degree (I would argue) that could go much further. I sense a cautious reluctance on many their part due to the influence of years of believing the heavy dose of Lib-Prog applied stigmata. Let’s face the reality of their influence. We (on the Right) have been treated like lepers.

        Technically, yes, I am still a registered Democrat. But first and foremost an American of traditional and Conservative leaning principles. It is only by maintaining my Democrat (technicality) status that I am able to fully and legitimately criticize the Democrat Party and the current controlling occupation of Liberal-Progressive severity. Likewise, I am able to share my disappointingly critical frustration at timid and Left leaning Repubs who willfully walk on eggshells with prepared apologies at the ready. I consider myself a better Repub in heart and spirit than many who are in key leadership roles.

        And yes, I did help the Repub agenda/platform and am still physically involved (not just at the comment box) more than my personal obligations should permit. My family and business life are all too often placed on hold so that I may give that time to offer my views for correcting the direction of my country.

        1. dleeper47 says:

          rofomoreno WesternFreePress 
          I was a Democrat when I started voting Republican in 1980.  I don’t think I bothered to change parties for 10-15 years.  But I never voted Democrat again as they just kept sliding leftward.  Now the GOP is sliding leftward … ugh!

        2. rofomoreno says:

          dleeper47 rofomoreno WesternFreePress Dittos, David. The last Democrat I voted for was Jimmy Carter. And no, I do not know why.
          But I do know why I voted for Reagan and his opposition to 60’s Leftists and the Carter naivité.

          To that I’ll make a promise here and now to publicly renounce and burn my Democrat registration card (assuming no probability of being arrested for arson on a “No Burn” day) and register as a Repub when Conservatives become the majority of the Party.

        3. dleeper47 rofomoreno The whole country is sliding leftward. That is why the GOP has been. The left focused their assault on every arena of society not just on elections. Our side needs to do the same.

        4. rofomoreno dleeper47 How will we be able to tell when that happens?

        5. rofomoreno Just to clarify, when I said “did you help at all?” I specifically meant with the AZGOP’s video campaign. :-)

        6. rofomoreno says:

          WesternFreePress rofomoreno   And in what capacity would a Conservative Dem Latino construction guy of 42 years in the trades get involved in videos? Where do I enlist?

        7. rofomoreno Well, I wasn’t sure if maybe you had made suggestions in this regard to them or something. 
          Of course, there’s always being in front of the camera . . . but I guess you’d have to become Republican for that. Maybe you could do one of the videos and tear up your Democratic registration card on camera. I guarantee that would go viral!! If you’re interested in that, let me know and I will make the needed intros!

        8. rofomoreno says:

          WesternFreePress rofomoreno Indeed I’d be interested, at the least in hammering out an idea for a possible crescendo effect (at a most politically opportune and effective date).
          However …. I do enjoy my position as a minority of color Democrat, critical of Democrats, of which I am able to confront the racial rhetoric of my Leftist counterpart. Believe me the Left is taken aback when a Conservative Dem minority brings a confounding angle to the discussion.
          I guess my Democrat status could be compared to political virginity. I will be ready to lose it when I feel assured that Conservatism has a majority control of the GOP. (I still think burning my Dem registration card would be a subliminal slap to the 60’s radical elites who burned their draft cards – the same radicals of mandated compliance today)

        9. rofomoreno Ha—interesting metaphor! Well, I have no idea when you will consider that condition met. The GOP may not be the flashiest suitor, but right now, you’re in an abusive relationship! If you want me to make some introductions, let me know!

        10. rofomoreno says:

          WesternFreePress rofomoreno Thank you, sir. You’ll be the first to know.

        11. harold5187 says:

          rofomoreno dleeper47 WesternFreePress Kudos!  I’ve only voted for one President in my 42 years of life, and that was Ronald Reagan, who was shot on my birthday.  I liked Reagan, and the United States was a better when he was in charge.  But no one else after him was worth a hoot!  Obama is the worst of them all!

  3. harold5187 says:

    Obama has had an agenda from the very start.   Obama knows what the complete agenda is, but America does not!  Obama says one thing, yet does another!  And when the People call him on his actions, he’s quick to point the finger at every one else within the political system.  Democracy has an expiration date!  Furthermore, it is the responsibility of Homeland Security to investigate EVERY possible vulnerability within America, even those that may appear so far fetched no one could possibly believe…  I believe that every action Obama does, is for a specific reason, and that he is trying to destroy the American dollar, hurt the economy, disarm us, make us venerable to our enemies, and I believe he is fulfilling the Agenda of the Elite within each cooperative nation, working as a whole, to destroy Democracy, destroy the dollar, usher in a new currency, as well as a New World Order, and he has all the Government agencies behind them, and Edward Snowden was just an example of how they are trying to control leaks that they do not want known.  Anything they want hidden from the public, they just file under National Security, regardless of whether or not it belongs there!  Obama knows exactly what he’s doing, and Both House Republicans and House Democrats are putting on a good show, but are ultimately playing towards Obama’s end game, because in the end, worse case scenario, Obama gives us Citizens the excuse that things are really bad, because Congress and Senate can’t come to an understanding, he declares a state of emergency based on Democracy no longer working, then next thing you know patriots whom Obama has redefined as terrorists end up in FEMA camps.

    1. harold5187 Obama’s actions do seem calibrated not for production, but destruction.

Obama’s Lasting Legacy: Transforming America