Senator Ted Cruz: How to Win the Fight on Obamacare

| August 11 2013
David Leeper

Here’s Ted Cruz at his best on how to win the fight on Obamacare — plain and simple — no teleprompters.

Keep your eye on this man. He has the right stuff to steward conservative American principles forward to a restoral and renewal of our Founders’ vision — that is, personal freedom and responsibility supported by a Constitutionally limited and fiscally responsible government.

Cruz’s vision is the polar opposite of the Obama vision — a toxic cocktail of warmed-over Marxism and crony-capitalist fascism. Obama’s vision depends on an ever-expanding central government that ignores the limits imposed by the Constitution and spends us, our children, and our grandchildren into debt bondage and tyranny. His crown jewel, Obamacare, is the Trojan horse for that vile vision.

Over the Senator’s left shoulder stands Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of FreedomWorks.  He and his team could win the PR battle to defeat the Democrat-servile media’s favorite line: “The Republicans want to shut down the government.”  One way Kibbe could do that is outlined at this link.

I’m hoping  Mr. Kibbe or someone else with the resources will step up and wage a blistering PR campaign. Aside from a precious few senators and representatives, no one else in the GOP or the RNC has the guts.  They all pay lip service to conservatism, but their true devotion is to maintaining the status quo.  A plausible cure for that  particular problem is at this link — if it isn’t already too late.