PURE DETROIT! (Pure Michigan Parody)

| August 8 2013
Christopher Cook

This is funny. Yes, Detroit is suffering, and it’s sad. But still, this is funny. Another hit from Crowder! (HT: ConservativeByte.com)


The citizens of Detroit continually voted for socialistic programs so that they could get their free stuff.  Now, they are beginning to understand that such social programs only work until it runs out of other people's money.  The Producers have left Detroit to the Takers and now the results are in.

Separately, I heard that the citizens of Detroit are one of the most heavily armed in the country.  If true this point should also be made.

WesternFreePress moderator

@ChuckInLarkspur Some of the people who flee Detroit (and such places) may be aware of the failure of socialistic polices. Unfortunately, many of them are not, and they bring their failed politics to new, previously unspoiled environments. See what happened to Montana and the Pacific Northwest as examples.

And then, the people who remain---do THEY understand what turned their world into a disaster? Some, maybe, but not nearly enough.


@WesternFreePress @ChuckInLarkspur 

When and where are you going to place responsibility on the people that voted for the socialistic polices and benefitted from them?  The first to leave Detroit were the producers who would not pay for the redistribution of their money. 

Later the parasites left when they realized that the host was no longer able to support them.  And Yes, they looked for the next place to support them.  They move from place to place as a jackal moves from body to body.  They know what they are doing, yet you speak of them more as victims then perpetrators. 

How can you expect the cycle to stop if you do not identify the root cause of the problem.  It is people that want a free lunch and a lot more that they have not earned and they want someone else to pay for it.

Cities, school districts and counties will continue to go bankrupt until people understand they have to pay for what they want instead of waiting for someone else to pay for it.