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Egyptian General Al-Sissi Slams Barack Obama

Posted: August 5, 2013 at 7:45 am   /   by

Barack Obama and Mohamed Morsi: Birds of a Feather?

Ambivalence – a state of having simultaneous, conflicting feelings toward a person or thing.

Al-SissiAmbivalence is what I felt when I read the sharply critical comments of Egypt’s General Abdel Fatah Al-Sissi toward our very own President Obama as well as Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

On the one hand, my reaction was:  Hey, General, don’t go beating up on our president — only we can do that!

On the other hand, the general makes some pretty good points, so it’s hard to be wholly unsympathetic.  In fact, there are some eerie similarities between his remarks about the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi and what we have come to learn about Barack Obama.

Here are a few excerpts from the Washington Post interview with the general, with my comments inserted:

Sissi’s comments are a measure of just how thoroughly the Obama administration has alienated both sides in a profoundly polarized and unsettled Egypt, all while trying to remain neutral. Morsi’s supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood regularly accuse the United States of acquiescing to a military coup.
[Neutral? I had the impression Obama’s administration clearly favored Morsi. Perhaps the Post writer should have said “trying to appear to remain neutral”.]

Sissi said that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel calls him “almost every day” but that President Obama has not called since Morsi’s ouster.
[Maybe Obama is trying to maintain “plausible deniability” for his next “phony scandal”? Or maybe he just doesn’t want to upset his allies in the Muslim Brotherhood?]

Egypt protestor“The U.S. administration has a lot of leverage and influence with the Muslim Brotherhood, and I’d really like the U.S. administration to use this leverage with them to resolve the conflict,” Sissi said.
[Perhaps the general already accepts what many Americans have long suspected about where Obama’s loyalties lie?]
Sissi said he had recognized problems with Morsi from the day he was inaugurated. The president, Sissi said, was “not a president for all Egyptians but a president representing his followers and supporters.”
[Gee — does that sound like any other president we know?]

One of Morsi’s first major acts in office was to sweep away an older generation of military leaders.
[Perhaps this is similar to Obama’s removal of officers who might hesitate to fire on fellow Americans?]

Mideast Egypt[In] the interview, the 58-year-old Sissi was unsparing in his criticism of the Muslim Brotherhood, saying that Brotherhood members are more devoted to their Islamist beliefs than they are to Egypt. “The idea that gathers them together is not nationalism, it’s not patriotism, it is not a sense of a country,” he said.
[Does the former Morsi administration sound similar to an administration that has been packed with Leftist ideologues?]

So all in all, General, you may have some kindred spirits here in America.  Your issues with Mohamed Morsi sound a lot like the issues many of us have with Barack Obama.  Perhaps those two are birds of a feather? I’ve come away from your interview with a new appreciation for you, the Egyptian military, and your sincerity in fighting for your cause, which you summarized as:

The most important achievement in my life is to overcome this circumstance, [to ensure] that we live peacefully, to go on with our road map and to be able to conduct the coming elections without shedding one drop of Egyptian blood.

Godspeed, General.

Read the full Washington Post articles about the General Al-Sissi’s interview here and here.

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 45 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. NeilFeuer says:

    To begin with, the last three words of this article should put into perspective everything that any leader or patriot must feel, “Godspeed, General”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The rest is what we all know to be true of our POTUS and his flunkies, and we should be praying, if nothing else, for the people of Egypt and their General, who has the people in mind first and foremost, and hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of the Muslim Brotherhood and their rein worldwide.
    There is no compromise, if you are not one of them, their goal is to kill you, and those are the simple truths.
    And people like Obama and team who support them, who let them into our country and government, to the companies and countries that support them, you all share the blame?
    God speed freedom and peace!

    1. NeilFeuer freedom and peace—so precious, so cherished, yet so easily squandered and relinquished.

    2. dleeper47 says:

      Thanks for the comments, Neil. I can’t say we really know who this general really is (yet). But he appears opposed to the tyranny of the Israel/Jew-hating, terrorist-supporting Muslim Brotherhood.  
      But as Churchill said (approximately), “If Hitler invaded hell, I would at least make a favorable reference to the devil.”

      1. dleeper47 NeilFeuer Life often fails to present us with a choice between wonderful and terrible, instead offering us the opportunity to choose between bad or worse.

      2. NeilFeuer says:

        Without any hesitation, especially when he’ll is not for heroes!

  2. NeilFeuer says:

    We don’t know the General really is, but he is the only one out there who is standing up and willing to take on the MB, and that is a good thing!
    And if he is successful so many others will follow, country after country, and this era of terrorism might be coming to an end, we can only hope!
    Egypt and the Mid East might have found their George Washington and I say, support him from the front, the world must know where we stand, but, we would have to find our George Washington anew this to lead!

  3. NeilFeuer says:

    I am sick and tired of all this liberal talk that only paints a half ass and misleading picture!
    Until we are able to call terror what it is, e.g. Muslim Islamic RadicalTerrorists, we will just be addicts coming back for more. You don’t ever help an addict by giving them one more fix, you are not doing them any favors, you are just as guilty! The same with our youth, you must let them get out of your house and not be dependent on you, no matter how tough it is, you are not doing them a favor. You are creating an ENABLER!
    But these are just modern day problems,as is better or worse rather than the lesser of two evils( pick good or bad, or the lesser evil), but their is no happy ending in sight, and that is a fact! Like it or not, accept it or not, but if we don’t accept it and call it what it is, we will never get to where want to go! Freedom, Peace, Liberty, Prosperity, Happiness!
    The only answer is a SMALLER GOVT, with fiscal and personal responsibility, and I mean as small as a PERIOD! The government should basically secure our borders and protect our civil liberties and rights, protect its citizens, and always know that they answer to WE THE PEOPLE!
    That is the answer, the only answer, and it goes hand in hand with getting rid of Obama and ALL his team, they are ruining us in every way, from economics to our own security at home and abroad.
    Call it what it is, Obama’s goal is ruin our country and he is achieving it and until we can admit that, we cannot cut out this cancer that is spreading throughout our country and the whole world is watching us?
    We need a modern day George Washington, or Zorro, and that is the only light at the end of the tunnel!
    And being an optimist, always with a positive attitude, I say anything is possible, nothing is impossible!

    1. NeilFeuerThe smaller govt., classical-liberal approach is, of course, the answer to most of our current problems. 
      That said, the problem of Islamism is worse than most people realize. I have colleagues whose are of expertise is on Jihad, Islamism, creeping sharia, and Islamist infiltration, and from what I know of the subject, things are far worse than is generally known, right here in this country. We’re not as bad off as Western Europe, obviously, but we’re further down the path than most of us realize.

  4. 2bshursqueeze2x says:

    I’m confused last I heard the General was a devout supporter of the brotherhood. So is this a power grab epiphany of his past brothers sins or just a subterfuge to postpone the caliphates resurgence. Eyes open , ears wide let the devills not hide, find them seek them and destroy them. Let Allah sort them out. I for increasing their rate of reaching paradise.

    1. 2bshursqueeze2x At this point, anything that can be done to pr4event the caliphate’s resurgence is probably needed.

Egyptian General Al-Sissi Slams Barack Obama