Will the Republican House Defund Obamacare (or will they cave)?

| August 3 2013
Mike DeVine

man on a ledge

Would GOP cave over any veto threat by Obama-man on a ledge?

Upon what basis does responsible governance require fully funding a program that the President himself has partially suspended?

The most persuasive case for not passing a budget that fully funds Obamacare is the rule of law/responsible governance argument that would demand that bills that become laws be fully funded until a future bill becomes law that repeals the former. But, the GOP leadership doesn’t make that argument. Rather, they make the perfect the enemy of the good by arguing against a budget resolution that fully funds all government programs and departments save for Obamacare since, a de-funding for one year would only be partial and temporary. And?

Yet, the Chief Executive, who issues budget resolution-veto threats like threats of suicide by a man on the ledge of a skyscraper window, has unilaterally imposed a partial and temporary suspension of Obamacare outside the rule of law via executive fiat!

Must Republicans adhere to Marquis of Queensberry rules in an Ultimate Fighting contest in which sissies are allowed to continually kick you in the crotch?

Twice this week we have argued for the tea partier-created Republican House to finally exercise the power of the purse twice granted to it by the American people, yet can get no conservative naysayer to spell out ANY circumstance under which it would be acceptable NOT to cave to Obama veto threats. One wonders why President Obama and Majority Leader Reid don’t demand Union Card Check, Cap-and-Trade and instant full voting rights-citizenship as a condition for approving a budget bill.

Because after all, EVERYONE KNOWS that Newt had his clock cleaned by Slick Willie over a government shutdown in the 1990s and the media, academia and Hollywood are owned by liberal Democrats. Right?

I say, let Obama jump off the ledge.

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Please.  Gingrich has his "clock cleaned" only in the anti-conservative liberal media and RINO folklore.  It wasn't really a drubbing at all.  GOP lost 9 House seats, but held the majority; senate gained 2 GOP seats.

Other than that I agree with your general sentiment.

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Good post.  I agree.  Let him jump off that ledge if he chooses to.

But between now and Sept 30, flood the media and internet with videos of children crying over empty school breakfast trays, seniors at their mailbox agonizing over undelivered social security checks, panicking mothers at the supermarket whose EBT cards show zero balance, disabled veterans reduced to begging, etc. etc. 

Then show Obama with a toothy smile and a fountain pen. All he'd have to do is sign the CR that authorizes everything but Obamacare.  Instead he's going to make all of our poorest, weakest, and oldest suffer.  It's on him.  It's him.  It's all on him.  

"Write to the president," the video will say.  "Call him.  Tell him to sign the CR.  Does he want children to go hungry?  Does he want the aged to choose between food and medicine?  Does he want families to starve?  The Republicans authorized the money, Mr. President!  Sign the CR!! "

Do another version showing a market crash after he defaults on the debt.  Show a run on the banks with panicked savers banging on the doors.  Pull up depression era videos and soup lines.  Then -- show the same grinning Obama with his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office.  Show his idle fountain pen.  Sign the CR Mr. Obama, sign it!

Above all, stop talking about the Republicans "shutting down the government".  Talk only about Obama and the Democrats shutting down the government.  Because that's who will be doing it, not the Republicans.  The House will have authorized full funding of everything but Obamacare.

As simple and easy as this message should be to get into the public domain, can anyone see Reince Priebus actually doing it?  Why is the GOP so impotent at delivering a feelings-based message?  Can they not hire a PR firm to do it for them?  Or are they saving their money for more of those beltway consultants who lose election after election?