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Bill O’Reilly Unloads on Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, and Hollywood

Posted: July 22, 2013 at 9:00 pm   /   by

On his July 22, 2013 No-Spin show, Bill O’Reilly set political correctness aside in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict and right after Barack Obama’s call for a “serious conversation on race.”

This is that conversation, says O’Reilly.  He directly attacks Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, and even President Obama for lack of leadership and/or negative leadership that worsens race relations and ruins lives of young Americans.  He also unleashes a blunt and powerful attack on Hollywood for glamorizing crime and cultivating violence among our youth.

Starting slow and building in a crescendo of emotion, this is Bill O’Reilly as few have seen him in months or years.  Some will find his remarks politically incorrect to the point of being offensive.  Others will feel his blunt remarks are long overdue.


David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 44 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. KsenaBatAvshalom says:

    Well said!!!!!!!!

  2. leopardgecko1967 says:

    My God! This was the ABSOLUTE BEST O’Reily episode I’ve EVER SEEN! It was awesome! He FINALLY said EXACTLY what we ALL want to say! I commend him for actually putting “political correctness” aside and telling it like it really is! This is a MUST SEE EPISODE! I actually had to download this particular episode onto my ipad. Everyone needs to listen to theENTIRE EPISODE of this one. Boy, I am STILL amazed that he actually stated the FACTS! I liked O’Reiley before, but after seeing THIS episode, now I absolutely LOVE him!

    1. leopardgecko1967 Yeah, and he could easily have cited other statistics, equally not politically correct, but equally or even more shocking.

  3. MarioGandolfo says:


    1. ChrisHeady says:

      MarioGandolfo You’re a racist shut up! South Africa is war and the classic British false promise. We need good people willing to reinforce and restructure American values in such a way that everyone has a chance to prosper equally. That is all.

      1. ChrisHeady MarioGandolfo What form would this reinforcement and restructuring take, in your perfect scenario?

      2. MarioGandolfo says:

        ChrisHeady MarioGandolfo lololololololll

  4. Cheryl says:

    Thank you Billy for stating the truth. As a parent, I know how important it is to have parental involvement in the life a a child.

    1. @Cheryl Marriage, and growing up with two parents, are the single-most reliable predictors of success and prosperity. The opposite is the single greatest predictor of poverty and marginal behavior.

  5. JoeyClark says:


  6. Kay says:

    AMEN!!!! It is sad that so few people will hear this and take it to heart.
    Racial profiling, slander, and prejudice runs both ways. No one mentions those things as they apply to whites or other nationalities…just blacks. When the home breaks down so does the nation.
    Can someone tell me why the blacks refer to themselves as “African-American”? No one else refers to themselves as “Irish-American, French-American” etc. Just wondering. As citizens of this country, I thought we were ALL “Americans”.

    1. @Kay Actually, I am given to understand that a plurality of black Americans were opposed to the term, and preferred black. (This was from an older survey, so perhaps the numbers have since changed.) But at that point, African American was used by a much smaller number. Basically, the left gains from the division and deconstructionism created by balkanization. Not least among these gains is captive groups whom they then hold in electoral vassalage.

  7. JoeScalise says:

    I have never been a Bill O’reilly fan but he is spot on with this

    1. JoeScalise Pretty much same here.

  8. ChrisHeady says:

    It seemed well reasoned, but it lacks the merit of historical anthropology. During the time of slavery, many african families never had a chance to have both parents. There were many reasons, such as death by disease or abuse, selling of males to other plantations/slave traders just as a couple of examples. So we have to undo hundreds of years of lack of familial influence and leadership. Mind you that many, many families throughout Black American history have had great family structures today we see the result of the exception becoming the rule. We need a cultural shift among all family units because this scenario is playing out among all cultural groups.

    1. ChrisHeady Actually, in the years right before the Great Society, black family cohesion was on par with white. Divorce and out-of-wedlock birth-rates were similar.

    2. bread58 says:

      ChrisHeady Nice try, Chris, but no.  Just more “excuse making,” as Bill would call it.  In the early 1960s, the rate of black illegitimacy was only around 25%.  Today it’s three times that.  That rate, which was already far beyond whites at the time, tripled in a few decades without any slavery system or after-effects to drive it.  It was the result of the left-wing introducing the pernicious ideas of the 60s and 70s–casual sex, drug abuse, personal irresponsibility, moral relativism, etc.–that drove the rise in fatherless children.

      1. bread58 ChrisHeady Careful, bread58, you know what happens to people who tell the truth!

    3. JoeScalise says:

      ChrisHeady Slavery is history.  The residual effects are from resentment.  There is no one alive today who can relate to the bonds of slavery, beyond the attempts today to make slaves of all of us.  Public housing which was an effort to provide home for poor families actually backfired and have become a combination of haven for gangstas’ and a trap for poor people who are forced to live in a gangster ghetto.  If Jackson and Sharpton were for real they would liberate the Ghettoes and stop the black on black crimes.  Statistics can guide leaders to solutions.

  9. SharonWilkersonTurner says:

    I have been profiled and followed in stores and I am an old White woman. The issue of racial profiling does not belong to the Black people alone.

    1. Da Hook says:

      SharonWilkersonTurner @ Ms. Turner. Ms. Turner, you sure your not withholding the real reason you were followed in a store? My first mental impression about you was your a shoplifter. My second is your lying.

  10. ChuckDavis says:

    If the percentage of black people committing crimes wasn’t so high they wouldn’t be profiled.  Do Asian’s get profiled like black people?…No!. Because they don’t commit crimes at the ridiculously high rate that black people do.  Whey they stop committing crimes the profiling will stop.

    1. @ChuckDavis And apparently, today, O’Reilly is taking tons of heat for all of this. For what? For telling the truth? There were other stats that he could have cited but didn’t, that are equally true. Like, the last time I heard the stat (*it may have changed somewhat), a white person was 60 times—SIXTY!—more likely to be killed by a black person than the reverse. That is a horrifying statistic. And it’s either true or its not. No political correctness or enforced veil of silence will change it. At least O’Reilly was trying to offer constructive ideas for possible solutions.

      1. dleeper47 says:

        O’Reilly is “speaking truth to power” as the Left likes to say.  Not surprisingly, the Left doesn’t care for it much.  Back at ya, Lefties!
        For many months (years, maybe), O’Reilly seemed to be tip-toeing around Obama, perhaps hoping to get another interview with him.  I think he may have finally had enough. The irony is that if he really wants higher ratings, speaking truth to power may be just the ticket.

        1. dleeper47 WesternFreePress I think you’ve nailed it.

        2. JoeScalise says:

          dleeper47 WesternFreePress If you are viewing this a some right wing victory and a poke at the left wing then I believe you have missed the point.  And that is why Truth loses its appeal n a debate such as this.  This is not right or left it is common sense. I am not an O’Rielly fan but I believe he hit the nail on the head.  There is only one thing that can make his words racist and that is using it to add a point to the score card between left and right.

        3. JoeScalise dleeper47 WesternFreePress Except that one side will sometimes (when not cowed by PC fear) will make these true arguments and the other side won’t. In fact, they will deny the truth and then use lies and political correctness as a cudgel to beat you from the public square.

        4. dleeper47 says:

          JoeScalise dleeper47 WesternFreePress 
          Joe — Victory?  What victory?  A poke, yes, because racialists like Sharpton and Jackson are in lockstep with the Left, and both they and the Left purport to “speak truth to power.”  In this case, they are the power to whom this truth is spoken.  It’s turnabout.
          Victory??  Would that it were!  But it’s not.  The Left is still winning, big time.  If you’re one of them, fear not.  O’Reilly’s poke hasn’t made a dent (yet).

        5. JoeScalise says:

          dleeper47 JoeScalise WesternFreePress First of all I don’t consider myself left or right. I make my decisions on issues as they arise and I don’t look to the right or left when making my decisions.
          I am aware that Sharpton and Jackson are using the bleeding heart leftwing radicals, just as republican politicians use the hypocritical right winging radical anti-abortion/anti-gay want to legislate morals groups. The democrats have never solved a social problem with money and the Republicans don’t want stop abortion or contraception because they know it will cause more welfare and ultimately more social security down the road and most of the most vocal Republicans against gay riights are closet gays. Consequently I don’t look to either side for answers.  I am capable of making my own decisions.  It is the rigidity of party politics that thwarts a lot of common ground and send people to polar opposite sides on issues.  O’Reilly presented an argument laced with solid facts that surpass political affiliation therefore for one of the few times he has my full support on this issue and I feel cheering for one side cheapens his victory.  And yes it is a victory in that he told it like it is and left no room for an intelligent person to cry racist.

        6. dleeper47 says:

          JoeScalise dleeper47 WesternFreePress 
          Thanks, Joe — I have a close relative who calls himself an “issue-by-issue pragmatist” who identifies with no group of any type. Might you also use that term to describe yourself?
          Also, thanks for telling me that the GOP is secretly pro-abortion. That’s new. I did not know that!

        7. JoeScalise says:

          dleeper47 JoeScalise WesternFreePress  When you think for yourself and don’t need a daily dose of Rush or Hannity and you see MSNBC is just as biased as Fox  I guess you don’t identify with either side. I can see that no one in Washington represents anything but special interests. Bye the way your relatives are irrelevant to this discussion. I didn’t say that Republicans  are pro or anti abortion but they had several regimes since Reagan that could have attempted to overthrow Roe vs. Wade….. hasn’t happened and never will. The Republicans have been playing the religious right like a violin.

  11. DJJ says:

    The truth based on fact is always enlightening. How can liberals deny the truth and spin the truth to complete udder nonsense.
    Danny Boy

    1. DJJ Because they believe themselves to be building utopia on earth, via the all-powerful MegaState. To them, it is a noble undertaking that is worth anything, including lying, and far, far worse. (See the 100 million people slaughtered in the 20th century.) Lying, to them, is just a necessary “process cost.”

  12. rofomoreno says:

    A long overdue confrontation with the truth is what the Liberal-Progressive Black leadership are now faced with. A very hard and hopefully inescapable dose of reality meeting their implied racism head on.

    After years of numerous nauseating instances of O’Reilly playing the devil’s advocate, giving a pass of “we have to understand”, and placating controversial guests with nicety ending segments, it seems he finally arrived at the enlightenment of halting pandering by smashing it with unbending hardened truth. 
    This is his best calling out of the failures of Liberalism yet. But, can we be optimistic that he’ll keep the pressure on?

    1. rofomoreno Exactly the question I was wondering—-is this the beginning of a change, or just an anomaly?

  13. Carol4458 says:

    As long as blacks remain in denial nothing will change. Stop having children if you are not in a serious marriage. Why do they continue to have children knowing most will end up dead or in prison before their 21st birthday.

  14. MystikCydonius says:

    Please! He’s an oppurtunist!

    1. MystikCydonius Perhaps so, but he got it right on most of this!

  15. sleepergirl says:

    This is the best I’ve seen O’Reilly.  He hit most of the hot buttons., and to hell with political correctness.   It was SO good, I actually watched him again with our son.  O’Reilly has gone viral with this.  I hope it doesn’t go to his head!!!!!

  16. EdRichardson says:

    Thank you Mr Bill you got that right. Thst was 100 percent on the money.

  17. SerGawain says:

    yes please Bill tell Barack about the black community

    1. sns8snl says:

      @SerGawain That’s a racist comment, SerGawain. You can’t gather facts and data about a certain demographic unless you’re part of that demographic? That’s just ignorant.

  18. jeffstudio says:

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    1. JoeScalise says:

      jeffstudio Are you for real are you posting this for free advertising.  Maybe you should rent  Madison Square Gardens and do group therapy. Fifteen years from now there will be no single parent families.

      1. jeffstudio says:

        Hi Joe:
        I posted a part of the solution.  What is your solution?

        1. JoeScalise says:

          jeffstudio I agree with O’Reilly on this one.  My solution would be more grass roots than premarital counseling because marriage is seldom considered when these pregnancies take place. Very little forethought about sticking around to even find out if conception takes place.  There should be no monetary reward for bearing children out of wedlock or having additional children while receiving assistance.  As a matter of fact if assistance is reduced when additional children arrive that could be more relyable than a condom in lessening pregnancies.  Public housings weren’t built to become ghettoes.  Much of the problem stems from drug trafficking.  There are rules for living in public housing that go unenforced which lead to the abuses that create ghettos. The people who live in public housing are trapped and preyed upon by criminals.  The housing authority needs to rid these housing units of drug pushers and people who are abusing the right to live there.  I don’t mean to demean what you do and I am sure that what you do works for people who voluntarily approach your program. But wedding vows have been tramped on since the first I Do and the love that holds a marriage together should be learned long before the vows are taken but schools don’t address and the contemporary family doesn’t always set an acceptable example.  Good luck with what  you do….adding your advertisement at the end of your first post just seemed a bit mercenary to me.

      2. JoeScalise jeffstudio No single parent famiiles in 15 years? By what mechanism will this occur?

        1. JoeScalise says:

          WesternFreePress JoeScalise jeffstudio No single parent families in 15 years…the mechanism would be jeffstudio via loveisapromise……..sorry it was a snide remark on my part.

    2. jeffstudioPrice of tea in china = 15 ¥

  19. ChonRodriguez says:

    I agree with BILL OReilly for once, 1000%,  first thing the Black people did after the verdict was to go out and destroy private property,  President Obama,and the rest of his crew should stay in Washington and try to run the Government. and leave our court system alone,  That goes for the Supreme Court too,

  20. Open minded Patriot says:

    What can one really say positive about this whole rant ? I mean does this rant really solve any issues ? Does Bill O’Reilly really offer a viable solution here ? I mean really ?  All you conservatives will say of course he does you idiot !  This is an expected remark since most of you always chose to take the low road convinced that you have enough intelligence to form a learned opinion.What O”Reilly is saying sounds like we should run the blacks out of town on a rail or back to Africa and then everything would be all better in this country. I have news for you, no it would not.What we really need is some compassion and understanding for those who have had a history going back a couple of hundreds of years in this country. It is because of this history we have the basis for a “conversation” as Bill puts it.Imagine yourself being raised without proper housing, proper nutritional food, a very poor if any education. Is this the foundation for a model citizen ?Black schools are always the first target for cuts in education, cuts in job training efforts. These factors keep them down at the bottom of the food chain in our society. Where does this money go that comes from cuts ? One guess. These are the cold, hard facts, there is no denying this history. This is a solid basis for a “conversation”.The first move in making America better comes from you, yes even you conservatives, you can make a change for the better. The government and Obama can’t wave a magical wand and make it all better, it has to come from you.

    And oh yes Bill , FAUX owns a big piece of Hollywood. I guess he forgot.

  21. dljones123456789 says:

    I am not a real Bill O’Reilly fan but he does speak the truth.  Some of you think he is just another conservative jerk on a rant, but sometimes the truth hurts.  He make good points about Jackson, Sharpton and Obama.  Talk is cheap.  Lets see someone actually propose a real solution.  One more thought, since the African American community is distrustful of the majority community in America, lets see some real solutions come from them.  Not solutions that pour good money after bad, but solutions that actually have a chance to work.

    1. dljones123456789 amen. We can’t just do more of the same!

Bill O'Reilly Unloads on Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, and Hollywood