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Video: IRS Scandal Started at the Top

Posted: July 19, 2013 at 4:15 pm   /   by

Why isn’t this colossal violation of trust between a government and its people getting more attention?

Oh yes—the scandal cascade! Enough scandals all at once, and focus is diffused, and people tune out. Terrific.


  1. dleeper47 says:

    Even on Fox, even after the trial, the Zimmerman verdict is still consuming 50% to 100% of the air time on many shows.  The Left loves that, and they do all they can to keep it that way.  The same Zimmerman issues are discussed, and the same pictures are shown over and over again, with occasional “news” of another provocative statement from Sharpton or Jackson.
    That takes the heat off the Obama regime’s daisy chain of scandals.  It also distracts citizens from national issues like national debt, Obamacare, and continued violations of 1st-, 4th-, and 5th-Amendment rights.

    1. dleeper47 Yep, AND it makes the media a lot of money. Win-win-win for the left. Truth . . . not so much.