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Mark Levin and the Liberty Amendments, July 16, 2013

Posted: July 17, 2013 at 11:00 am   /   by

Levin-Liberty-AmmnedmentsThis short (6-minute) clip from the Mark Levin Show, July 16 edition, provides some additional hints on the contents of Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments scheduled for release on August 13.

Even these few hints will likely resonate with our readers, covering sunset clauses for federal agencies, term limits (including limits for Supreme Court Justices), and balanced budgets.

Mark also speaks briefly about the political practicality of amending the Constitution through Article V, and he tries to set expectations for how long it may take to get it done.

The full July 16 show may be heard (or downloaded) at this link.

See also this link for material from Mark’s July 10 show.


  1. dleeper47 says:

    Thanks, Nate … good catch … link fixed.