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Jimmy Rose on America’s Got Talent makes statement with ‘Coal Keeps the Lights On’

Posted: July 16, 2013 at 12:45 pm   /   by

Coal keeps the bills paid. Coal keeps the food on the spoon in my young’un’s mouth. 

Do you hear that, Barack Obama?

Here at Western Free Press, we’ve written at length about Obama and the EPA’s war on coal and coal workers, in these and other posts. It truly is radical, this assault on coal mining and coal energy. Radical and job-killing.

Jimmy Rose has a terrific voice and we wish him well in his competition. For the quality of his voice alone, the video below is worth a watch. But this is a political site, and we are pleased to see someone in the culture taking on Obama’s brutal assault on American lives and American jobs with this song about coal in Jimmy’s home town. This up-and-coming singer may or may not have meant this as a broadside against Obama directly, but it is certainly a shot across the bow of anyone who would wage a war on coal, the lifeblood of so many American towns.

Jimmy Rose looks at life a lot different after being away at war, so he’s chasing his dreams. See him sing his original song “Coal Keeps the Lights On” about the Kentucky coalmines that has his mom in tears and the Judges sending him to Las Vegas!