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McArthur throws his chapeau into the ring for LD 16 senate seat

Posted: July 14, 2013 at 12:00 pm   /   by


taylor_mcarthurTaylor McArthur announced today that he will seek the State Senate seat being vacated by Senator Rich Crandall (R-16).  McArthur cites his concern for the future of LD16 and the state of Arizona as his motivation to serve.

McArthur stated: “My wife and I love Arizona and the East Valley.  We look forward to raising our family here, just like my parents and their parents before them.  Unfortunately, over the past few years we have experienced one of the worst economic recessions in our history.  Many have suffered the loss of jobs, homes, retirement savings, and worst of all, many have lost hope.  I know that we can and must do a better job of enacting policies that will allow the people of our state to prosper.”  McArthur went on to say: “Who we elect is important. I know that Arizona can be a better place to live, work and play.  My background, education and experience will be vital in developing sound policies for our state.”

McArthur was born and raised in the East Valley and graduated from Higley High School in Gilbert.  He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a degree in journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.   He gained valuable experience in business and public policy from various positions including: participated in the Edson Entrepreneur Initiative, worked at a national law firm, interned for Sen. Jon Kyl, and worked in the congressional offices of Congressman Paul Gosar.  Currently, McArthur serves as Director of Events for the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“As a lifelong conservative Republican, I believe that unnecessary government regulation, combined with irresponsible government spending has damaged our economy and hurt the people of our District and state.”  McArthur then said: “I will work on issues that are important to the voters of our District.  As I have spoken with many in the District they have told me that they want sensible policies that allow for strong economic growth, quality jobs and lower taxes, they understand the critical need for excellent educational opportunities for our children and educational choice for parents.  Several have told me that having adequate police, fire and emergency services must be a very high priority. Arizona has much to offer businesses and families looking for a place to call home.  My business background coupled with my time in the public policy arena gives me the experience needed to serve the citizens of LD 16 in the Arizona Legislature.”

Legislative District 16 includes portions of Mesa, Apache Junction and San Tan Valley.  The seat will be vacant due to the pending resignation of Senator Rich Crandall who was recently appointed to a position with the Wyoming Department of Education.

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  1. LD16 PC says:

    Sounds like an ambitious and aspiring career politician with the thinnest resume I’ve seen. Talks about leading when all he’s done is follow. Speaks about job growth when all he’s done is work in govt. Glad he’s an ASU guy but has done nothing with his degree. Come back in 10 years and run for office after you’ve actually accomplished something.

  2. Concerned Citizen Mesa says:

    *Serious Fact* Did you know that Taylor McArthur attempted to run for
    the Vacant Seat in the Arizona Senate a few month ago the same seat that
    Senator Farnsworth was appointed to? He was not even allowed to run for
    the seat because he was to young according to State Law which requires
    you to be at least 25 years old and he was only 24 years old. So as soon
    as he got a few more whisker on his face and turned 25 years old he all
    of a sudden is ready to tell all of us that we are misguided. He is
    less than 3 years older than my son and it all makes sense now. All of
    with children at that age know that most think they Know Everything and
    we are always wrong, but we know they will learn as they grow up and
    live in the real world. LOL!
    Mr, McArthur is against personal
    property right of Home Owners.. See for yourself (read what other have
    said) – Link –
    On a different note.
    to say I was surprised to see that Taylor McArthur’s campaign
    contribution list had really no ties to our District 16. Large amounts
    of the funds he has raised are from out of state companies and
    contributors. He has already been bought off – a true politician at
    work. The most interesting thing was that no money has even come from
    his family according to the documents. ?? If you own family will not
    help support your campaign or donate money it why would any of us want
    you in office. Just my observation. (District 16 is in Mesa AZ.. Also
    look at his expenses ? Why is he spending all this money in California
    when he is running here in Mesa AZ???? Here is the link folks see for
    yourself his donations received…/C09ED79E-9E1C-4F48-9EC9…

  3. McZoo says:

    So, do the voters in the state of Arizona want someone who refuses to answer important questions on important issues? Someone who deletes posts questioning their position on vital freedoms and rights? I have been blocked from Taylor McArthur’s Facebook page for questioning his position on Home School, Freedoms and Rights as a citizen of Arizona and asking why he’s solicited so much campaign money from CA per the report on file with the Secretary of State.
    And it seems I’m not the only person this has happened to. For someone who attended a school of journalism – tell me what happened to FREE SPEECH!
    Another victim:
    Taylor McArthur – I think at this point you may have realized that taking a political stand against the Freedom of Arizona Residents was a misguided step on your part. The proper role of Government is for our elected officials to first listen, second determine the impact, then comes the all mighty third (Act). You have failed even the first step. You have chosen not to listen. You have even gone beyond not listening. You delete and block those that have a different opinion so others cannot even see what they had to say. You are a graduate of AZ Journalism School yet you don’t even practice FREE SPEECH for others. This is not the kind of politician we are looking for to speak for the People of Arizona especially the people of LD16 district (My District.) I encourage you to grow and mature in your beliefs while learning from life experiences and you will see that it is not us who are misguided it is your narrow views of freedom from your still young age. Senator David Farnsworth is a honest man who would never delete or disregard someone; like you have chosen to do with so many peoples comments and posts. Senator Farnsworth would listen and see if he could find some common ground even if it was as small as a grain of sand with the hopes of having something to build upon with that person. Senator Farnsworth is a True Senator and he is LD16’s Senator. Learn and grow from watching him and you may someday be a good leader. Concerned Citizen Mesa(banned and block yet still commenting and posting by proxy from those that still believe in freedom).

  4. LD16 Resident says:

    Taylor McArthur for Senate? You must read to know the truth of who you may elect. Outside money of over $80,000 from Big Government Organizations. Has your Vote been influenced by mailers and or campaign signs?
    Under the most severe conflict of interests the Arizona Chamber of Commerce has endorsed one of it own employee’s that is running for State Senate in LD-16. This Conflict is so severe that some are saying new election laws will need to be put in place to protect Arizona from Lobbyist Groups like the State and City Chamber of Commerce who have one goal in mind and that is to purchase votes and or outright buy elections. As of the state recorded fillings on 8-22-14 These groups have purchased in IE(independent expenditures) $80.262.57 dollars worth of Taylor McArthurs vote if he were to get elected. So this is as clear as possible there are 212 candidates reporting election funds in the House or Senate and out of the 212// 141 candidates had no outside political money spent on them. McArthur was one of the top 10 (he was #3 for having his vote bought the most). The top 10 have a grand total of over $880,000 dollars spent on them. That means the Top 10 average $88,000 spent on them. To put this in reference the Final 202 listed candidates after doing a grand total averaged $4,365 in the same type of donations.. Seriously $88,000+ average VS $4,465 average. You do the math and determine who has been bought and paid for. Numbers do not lie! And non of this includes the over $54,549 given direct to McArthurs Campaign directly from outsiders. There was 65 individual donations to McArthurs Campaign and it appears 3 yes 3 have addresses from his District he is running in for Senate. The rest of the $54,549 campaign money came from companies in Phoenix or completely out of State. Sorry but this all should make you sick!!!!!
    Go see for your self –
    #McArthurforAZ #VoteMcArthur #AZLD16 #LD16

McArthur throws his chapeau into the ring for LD 16 senate seat