Video: Egyptian 12-Year-Old Speaks with More Wisdom Than Most Adults

| July 13 2013
David Leeper

This video of 12-year-old Ali Ahmed has gone viral, worldwide, with over 1.3 million views since March.

This young man does his own research (on the internet), and he thinks for himself rather than being told what to think.  His wisdom and courage exceed that of most adults.

I can’t vouch for the translation, although others claiming to be Arabic-speakers have vouched for it in comments that accompany the YouTube video. Perhaps an Arabic-speaking Western Free Press reader can confirm or correct the translation.

When it comes to Mid-East coverage, the American media usually focus first on screaming, violent fanatics. Muslims like Ali Ahmed get little or no coverage. But they’re out there. Like young Mr. Ahmed, we have to do our own research to find them.  See, the source of this video, for more.  See also the presentation by Nonie Darwish, a brave Egyptian-born woman who says that while the radical Islamists are very loud, they are actually dying out.



I listened and smiled in amazement as this boy spoke with so much intelligence and understanding about the plight of his country.  Compare him to our Obamaphone lady!