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Mike Lee Says Congress Should Deny Funds for Obamacare

Posted: July 13, 2013 at 5:15 am   /   by

Cutting Off Funds Would Create A Showdown with Obama and Reid

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah has proposed a clear solution for Members of Congress who want to block Obamacare – don’t pay for it.

“This is the moment,” Lee said in an interview with CNSNews. “This is the moment when Americans stand together and say: We don’t want this.”

mike-leeLee called for the House Republican leadership to force a showdown with President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid before the fiscal year ends on September 30.

If the House passed legislation to fund the government after September 30, but omitted funding for Obamacare, the stage would be set for a major clash between the House and Obama and Reid.

Obama and Reid would be unlikely to agree to the House action, but would be forced with the alternative of shutting down the government to maintain their support of Obamacare.

Lee said the House should refuse to permit funding for the implementation of Obamacare in any legislation that authorizes funding the government after September 30. Funding for the federal government must be approved before the new fiscal year begins on October 1.

Lee said Obama was violating his constitutional obligation to faithfully execute the law by suspending the statutory December 31, 2013 deadline for the Obamacare mandate that requires large employers to provide health insurance for their workers.

Lee noted that Obama is not similarly suspending the same December 31 deadline that requires individuals to buy health insurance.

“The remedy is for Congress to refuse to fund the implementation of the program that the president insists is not ready to be implemented,” Lee said.

“Look, the American people are being told: You’ve got to comply even though the big corporations don’t have to. You’ve got to do this, or you’ll be punished. But if (the big corporations) don’t do what they are supposed to do under the law, nothing will happen to them.”

Lee said Congress has both the authority and the obligation to say that if the law is not ready to be implemented and enforced as it was written, the American people should not be required to pay for it.

“It would be irresponsible at this point for Congress to pass any appropriations measure and any continuing resolution that would contain funding for the ongoing, further enforcement and implementation of Obamacare as long as these conditions remain in place.”

The House has voted 37 times to repeal Obamacare with no prospect of consideration in the Senate. Meanwhile, Obamacare is collapsing under the weight of bureaucratic disarray. Confusion over mandates is only the latest setback.

Mike Lee may have the best answer to ending Obamacare and getting on with the task of creating market-based solutions to health care challenges.

Lee’s solution speaks directly to the will of the people. When the people don’t want something, their representatives in Congress should not pay for it.

John Walker

John Walker

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Mike Lee Says Congress Should Deny Funds for Obamacare