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IRS refunding millions to illegal immigrants filing fraudulent tax returns

Posted: July 8, 2013 at 5:00 pm   /   by

The Congress of the United States is currently debating a massive, ill-considered immigration “reform” bill. This debate is taking place in the shadow of a massive scandal involving the widespread targeting of conservative and religious groups by the IRS for blatantly political reasons.

At the confluence of these two issues—immigration and the IRS—lies another scandal, one involving millions of dollars of your money being funneled by the IRS to illegal immigrants filing fraudulent returns . . . some of them not even living or working in the United States.

This is what happens when bureaucracies and government grow. The right hand no longer knows what the left is doing. Theft, corruption, incompetence, graft, embezzlement, and more become increasingly commonplace.

This has to end.


NBC Eyewitness News 13 in Indiana — yes, Indiana — shows a massive IRS tax loophole which provides over $4 billion per year in tax credits to millions of illegal aliens. In many cases recipients of American taxpayers’ misused monies have never set foot in the United States.

Indiana is approximately 1700 miles northeast of the Mexican border.

A device known as the Additional Child Tax Credit is being used to pay for children living in Mexico — who have never lived here. One thief admitted through an interpreter that his address is being used to file tax returns for numerous children, including multiple nieces and nephews. “If the opportunity is there and they give it [to him] why not take advantage of it?” he asked in Spanish. As a stunning example, thousands in tax credits have been awarded to an illegal alien who claimed 20 children live in a single trailer, that actually housed just one little girl.

The IRS is aware of the magnitude of this fraud yet has done nothing to rectify it. In fact, this is the IRS website giving ten tips on how to apply. The application forms are easily downloadable.

Watch this shocking exposé put together by News 13 investigative reporter Bob Segall. He spent three months looking into this outrage.

Russell George, Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration says report after report sent from his office has been ignored by the IRS. Here he is in 2009 reporting on more IRS deceit.…

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
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Christopher Cook

IRS refunding millions to illegal immigrants filing fraudulent tax returns