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Egyptian protesters decry Obama’s support for Islamist dictator

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 9:45 am   /   by

In spite of his rhetoric, Obama is not on the side of people yearning to be free. If he had been, he would have supported the genuine movement for freedom in Iran. Rather, he is on the side of Islamists, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Al Qaeda affiliates.

The Egyptians get this. Why don’t we?

Check out these pictures:


Check out a few more like these at BeforeIt’sNews . . . especially the one showing the creepy similarity between Obama’s logo and that of the Salafi Al Nour party. Coincidence?

Christopher Cook

Christopher Cook

Managing Editor at Western Free Press
Christopher Cook is a writer, editor, and political commentator. He is the president of Castleraine, Inc., a consulting firm providing a diverse array of services to corporate, public policy, and not-for-profit clients.

Ardently devoted to the cause of human freedom, he has worked at the confluence of politics, activism, and public policy for more than a decade. He co-wrote a ten-part series of video shorts on economics, and has film credits as a researcher on 11 political documentaries, including Citizens United's notorious film on Hillary Clinton that became the subject of a landmark Supreme Court decision. He is the founder of several activist endeavors, including (now a part of Western Free Press) and He is currently the managing editor of and principal contributor to
Christopher Cook


  1. phoenixlaw says:

    Give me a break !! You know very well that the US has supported whomever has been in control of Egypt for the last 50 years, no matter the consequences for the Egyptian people.  We have paid billions of dollars to keep these tyrants in power and to look the other way as their corruption made them wealthy, all so long as they agreed to leave Israel alone.  Admit the truth – we don’t really give a rip about what happens to the Egyptian people so long as precious Israel is protected.

    1. rofomoreno says:

      @phoenixlaw What would be the likely chain of events leading up to an eventual outcome if “precious” Israel is not protected?

    2. pamphleteer92 says:

      @phoenixlaw Are you an attorney?  Are you a graduate of a US public school?  Did you study English grammar?  
      Are you attempting to sound erudite by using “whomever” in: “… US has supported whomever has been in control of … ” ?  If so, you blew it.  It should be “whoever”.  The only thing more annoying than an Israel/Jew hater is a pretentious Israel/Jew hater.

      1. phoenixlaw says:

        @pamphleteer92  @phoenixlaw Thanks for correcting my grammar.  However, I notice that merely because I spoke the truth about US aid to Egypt being conditioned upon leaving Israel alone, that somehow makes me an “Israel/Jew hater” as you say.  
        A June 27, 2013 Congressional Research Service report states:  “U.S. policy makers have routinely justified aid to Egypt as an investment in regional stability, built primarily on long-running military cooperation and on sustaining the March 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.”   Are these Congressional researchers also “Israel/Jew” haters.  After all, they said the same thing I did.

        1. pamphleteer92 says:

          @phoenixlaw Sorry, pal … it’s too late … I’ve seen your other posts. You’re an Israel/Jew hater, a Grade-A Bigot right down to your very core. Live with it.

        2. phoenixlaw says:

          @pamphleteer92 You’re wrong about the Jew-hater part, as I have no more feelings, one way or the other, about Jews than I do Hispanics or people of Polish origin.  And last I heard, disliking Israel is not anti-Semitic.

        3. rofomoreno says:

          @phoenixlaw  @pamphleteer92 Yet you ended your initial response “… so long as precious Israel is protected”, which the insertion “precious” reads as either scornful, caustic or just hostile disdain. Is the reader to take away that in your opinion, a U.S. alliance with the State of Israel, it’s citizens, and government are problematic?

        4. phoenixlaw says:

          @rofomoreno  @phoenixlaw  @pamphleteer92 Yes.  Mearshimer and Walt’s “The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Policy” pretty much sums it up:  “No lobby,”  they write, “has managed to divert US foreign policy as far from what the American national interest would otherwise suggest, while simultaneously convincing Americans that US and Israeli interests are essentially identical.”  This unbalanced foreign policy undermines US national interests.

        5. rofomoreno says:

          @phoenixlaw  @pamphleteer92 You failed to mention that Osama Bin Laden recommended the book to his sympathizers. And again, I offer the question … What would be the likely chain of events leading up to an eventual outcome if  “precious” Israel is not protected (by the U.S.)?   After all, It is relevant.

        6. phoenixlaw says:

          @rofomoreno  @phoenixlaw  @pamphleteer92 Who knows until it actually happens. Israel has by far the strongest military in the Middle East, including nuclear weapons, thanks to the US.  Every country knows that.  Israel needs to become a better neighbor to survive, rather than being the neighborhood bully.

        7. rofomoreno says:

          @phoenixlaw  @pamphleteer92 With a less than tepid enthusiasm from this current administration, U.S. support for Israel is an open invitation for the appointed “bullied” neighbors to indiscriminately fire thousands of rockets/missiles/mortar rounds into Israeli neighborhoods and businesses. Intended no less than to result in death and maiming.
          Interesting how the numbers spiked in Pres Obama’s first year, then again last year (his re-election). It seems a group of Israel’s neighbors have acquired a means and a surrogate to effect (or bully) a policy change.

        8. phoenixlaw says:

          The fact remains that Israel continues the illegal 46 yearlong occupation and brutalization of Palestine.  When those under Israel’s boot fight back, they are labeled terrorists.

        9. pamphleteer92 says:

          @phoenixlaw Bullroar.  Read your own past postings. You don’t “dislike” Israel, you *despise* Israel. Why? Because it’s a *Jewish* state again after 2000 years of exile, the only little place on earth that *Jews* can call their own. You hate that, and you hate *both* Jews and Israel. Your posts are the billboards of your own bigotry.

        10. phoenixlaw says:

          @pamphleteer92  @phoenixlaw So then – any criticism of Israel is not allowed?   Any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic?

        11. pamphleteer92 says:

          @phoenixlaw For the third and final time, read your own past posts! To imply your posts are “criticism” is far too flattering to yourself.  You ignore any and all truths that don’t fit your vile narratives about the Jews and Israel. And the hatred (not “dislike”) of Israel you spew is driven by your visceral hatred of Jews. “Anti-semitism” is far too kind a euphemism for your kind of bigotry. You’re a Jew-hater, plain and simple. Live with it.

        12. rofomoreno says:

          @phoenixlaw  @pamphleteer92 Israeli’s existence with a daily expectation of having a missile land into their home hardly qualifies them or their government as the bully. Whatever entity is delivering that terror does indeed meet even the minimum criteria of what is deemed a terrorist.   As regards the “occupation”, the U.N. voted unanimously to recognize Israel.
          Being critical of Israel’s right to exist (as your word choice and context reads) aligns closely (intimately close) to the bold statements of their neighbor’s calls of  “Wiping Israel off of the map” or “pushing them into the sea”. Is that a neighbor’s mere criticism or simple dislike? Or is it a threat to be taken seriously and defended against?
          This business of casting subtle aspersions through “oh I just dislike them” is the prescribed rationale of the Left for the purpose of a not so hash perception. It’s feigning a mutual disagreement when a deep disgust is the obvious.

  2. bribribribri says:

    Phoenixlaw you’re a douchebag

Egyptian protesters decry Obama's support for Islamist dictator