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This is neither a Republic nor a Democracy. It’s Tyranny.

Posted: June 21, 2013 at 8:30 am   /   by

For the last several decades, we have bantered with one another, the media, and our representatives about whether we live in a democracy or a republican form of government. The debate can stop now. We are experiencing tyranny first-hand.

The current administration is caught in a web of irresponsible spending, promoting ideas that are not consistent with our country’s foundation, and embracing the ideas of other countries. They have avoided thinking about the consequences on the people they deem to be subjects and on the country they believe to be dispensable.

It wasn’t long ago that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg urged Egypt to look to the South African Constitution instead of our own as they crafted their governing document. Egypt followed her advice and just look at the train-wreck of a constitution they have now. Protecting one religion over another, the adoption of social justice, dismissing individual productivity, and suppressing minority ideas in the name of public unity are all themes that carry the day.

You see, in the real world, ideas have consequences. And while our leaders may have some utopian, bumper-sticker philosophies that they believe in, when human beings are involved, fantasy worlds where rainbows lead us to gold and where gardens of lollipops make everyone giggle just don’t work. Yes, welcome to the real world where people with power abuse it and where free men and women become subjects with the stroke of a pen.

The IRS targets individuals and organizations based on their speech. The National Security Agency gathers the phone records of law-abiding Americans. The Attorney General attacks those who have a right to convey their ideas through the media.

The president unilaterally makes laws and disregards immigration laws for political gain. Congress allows over 250 bureaucracies to operate without any constitutionally-granted authority and which in turn created over 6100 regulations in 2012 alone.

The U.S. Supreme Court allows states like Maryland to take a presumptively-innocent suspect’s DNA at the time of arrest. The government gives $250 billion dollars to Egypt in order to advance their “democratic experiment” while we are nearly $17 trillion in debt. More than that, the federal government gives the people’s money to GM, AIG, and Solyndra because they are “too big to fail” and gives money to Exelon ($200 million), Honeywell ($80 million) and GE ($100 million) to assist with research and other business ventures.

At a more local level, the Pittsburgh town council tells us that the Constitution does not matter if it’s simply the right thing to do when it comes to firearms. Following other states like California, New Jersey legislators proposed a law that would allow the police to take and review the contents of your phone without a warrant if you are involved in an accident. And Arizona proposed a law that would make it mandatory for all high school graduates to take the oath to the Constitution, as if legislation will change the human heart.

Numerous states do their best to stop individuals from being able to protect themselves by enjoying the right to do so as enshrined in the Second Amendment. Governors across the nation tell us they will take federal money to advance a program (Medicaid, Schools, etc.), thereby allowing government to assume power they never had a right to.

We are experiencing the nightmare of pervasive government intrusion that our parents and grandparents probably never dreamed of. This is America, and we are better than this. And perhaps this is the good news. We still have the power to change. The question is whether we have the fortitude to rise up and whether the pledge to give “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” will amount to more than just a profound platitude.

Shane Krauser is a partner with the law firm of Davis Miles McGuire Gardner, the director of American Academy for Constitutional Education, the spokesman for, and is the chief instructor of K-Force Vanguard. Follow him on twitter: @ShaneKrauser


Shane Krauser

Shane Krauser is the director of the American Academy for Constitutional Education, an attorney in Arizona, the spokesman for Freedom Fires, a radio talk show host, an adjunct professor of constitutional and criminal law, and the chief instructor of K-Force Vanguard. He is also the primary contributor of Freedom Fires, is a former prosecutor of 12 years, and has dedicated his life to defending freedom and the Constitution. He is an author, a political commentator who has appeared on national radio and TV, and a writer whose op-eds have been published in numerous national media outlets.

Shane did his undergraduate work at Arizona State University and received his law degree from the University of Utah. He is married to Janelle Krauser, and they have six children. Follow him on twitter: @shanekrauser

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  1. Rita Bates says:

    I think most Americans WANT to do something to stop this insanity, but are at a loss as to where to begin, what to do. How do you stop an out of control freight train?

    1. @Rita Bates It’s not most, unfortunately. In any one society, at any time, there tends to be a small group of informed, motivated people on one side; another small group of informed, motivated people on the other side; and then a larger group of people who are living their lives, making ends meet, but who are not necessarily exceptionally informed about things. But that’s the way it always is, and that doesn’t mean that a small, motivated group cannot bring about exceptional shifts in society’s direction. At the end of the day, it requires winning the war of ideas—-controlling the narrative. There are a zillion ways to do that. Power is essential too, but if you win the war of ideas, then enough people come with you and power changes in response.
      I will admit, though, that this freight train seems VERY out of control, and it’s hard to know how to stop it. So I would start with solidarity among those of us who want limited government and respect for natural rights. Solidarity among those who revere the Constitution and the intentions of the Founders. If we pour into the streets by the millions, the freight train can be stopped. We must hang together!

  2. OkieRed says:

    The BIG problem I see is for all that want to stand up is how do we ALL get organized and become one so we CAN do that. There are people all across America that are more than Ready,Willing and Able but how do we rein them all in to one and TAKE OUR AMERICA BACK

  3. Rita and Okie, You are right. Mobilizing the people is going to be a monumental task, but it is happening all around us. Look at where we were five years ago versus today. The message of limited government, more freedom, and personal responsibility is slowly emerging and having an impact.
    One of the biggest issues I see is our messaging. As you implied, we are disjointed and disorganized in our efforts. And when we are unified in our message, we don’t convey it all that well. We are working to change that.
    I hope you will check out what we are doing as we move across the nation. From the public schools to U.S. Congress, neighborhood meetings to political gatherings, radio to TV, we are focused on addressing your precise concern.
    Our new website is in the transition phase, but feel free to check it out. Along with yu, we are committed to the fight.

    1. @Shane Krauser @Rita Bates @OkieRed Shane is right—messaging is huge. For too long, conservatives (including our big-money donors, until more recently) have been obsessed with elections, and have focused efforts thereto. Meanwhile, the left is focused on gaining advantage in every arena. They nest in every institution, and they contend for dominance in every front of the war of ideas. They never relent; they are at it 24/7/365. We need to fight back like that—on every front. Messaging—controlling the narrative and winning the war of ideas—is the vital core of this effort. We need to know what we believe and why we believe it. We need to be able to explain why it is better, both on moral/ethical grounds and on consequentialist/results-based grounds. We need to be able to impart this to each other, and to others.

      1. OkieRed says:

        @WesternFreePress  @Shane Krauser  @Rita Bates
         Exactly! We need to make as much noise as we can wherever we can to wake Americans up and get them off the couch and out of whatever MIND NUMB they are in

        1. @OkieRed  @Shane Krauser  @Rita Bates A joyful, glorious noise. Let freedom RING!!

  4. OkieRed says:

    My family have been and are ready to do what we need to do. We also have a group on yahoo. Free_American_Army if anyone would like to join or check it out

    1. @OkieRed Is the group on Facebook as well?

  5. OkieRed says:

    Yes it is Red Branch-Free American Army

This is neither a Republic nor a Democracy. It’s Tyranny.