Is Barack Obama a Softcore Fidel Castro?

| June 3 2013
David Leeper

Listen to the poignant video testimony of Rafael, a refugee from Cuba, who describes Fidel Castro’s abrupt capitalist-to-socialist transformation of Cuba.  Compare it, as he does, to Barack Obama’s promised fundamental transformation of America.

Do you see any parallels?  Is Obama taking us in the same Big-Government direction that Castro did for Cubans (albeit more slowly)? See also the testimony of Cuban-born Jose Borrajero, as well as the other naturalized Americans listed in this post.

Finally …

If you are among the millions of registered Republicans who sat home in the election of 2012, might any of these warnings be enough for you to get yourself to the polls in 2014?


I too was born in Havana Cuba. I too am a proud citizen of the United States of America. Rafael's tale only manages to reach the 1:30 second mark before mendacity takes over. It's sad to see and hear a seemingly well-meaning man profess such absurdities about the USA and about our president. Thankfully, the majority of Florida's Cuban American voters did not buy into the nonsense Rafael is expounding in this video. If only others from our well-meaning right would also realize what we, as Cuban American's, have: that this president puts forth the inclusive populist ideals our own Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers, of Theodore Roosevelt's Bull Moose Party, and of Franklin and Elonore Roosevelt, and of Cuba's own populist Jose Martí, all of which are the antithesis of the 50 year exploitation of the two vile Castro dictators. Those who vilify this president are coming from ignorance or simply self-interest; we are all Americans, working for the common good and this president, like those that have preceded him, should be given the opportunity to attempt improvements. Obama's ideas on greater fairness in our taxation only follows the lead of our own constitution or as Jefferson wrote in his 1785 letter to James Madison: "Another means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise.”  Also see Jefferson's complete letter:

Not all change can be judged as necessarily "bad" in advance, and Obama's proposals are far from drastic or radical. Who can argue with our need to address our current crisis of spiraling healthcare cost. Doing nothing on healthcare must NOT be an option for America. Give the president's ACA/Obamacare a chance to fail and maybe it will prove itself successful instead!  But regardless, the scurrilous divisiveness espoused by Raphael should be firmly rejected in today's America!