E.W. Jackson Electrifies Virginia Republican Convention

| May 26 2013
David Leeper

Conservative Minister E. W. Jackson has won the nomination for Lt. Governor of Virginia.  The 4-minute video clip below is an excerpt from the rousing speech that galvanized support for his candidacy.  The clip does not include what may have been his best line about how we change America for the better.  Jackson said it’s not easy. but it is simple.

Namely —

Get the government off our backs, off our property, off our guns, out of our families, out of our health care, and out of our way!

See also this link on WesternFreePress, where Bishop Jackson delivers a speech about how the Democrat Party, while pretending to be a friend to minorities, has held them back and held them down.

E. W. Jackson is not the “safe” or “traditional” candidate that the Republican establishment would (presumably) have preferred. He carries and delivers a powerful message to all Americans, but especially to (a) conservatives who have tired of mushy, compromising candidates who lose elections, and (b) minorities who have tired of the Left’s incessant paternalistic condescension, false promises, dependency cultivation, and soft bigotry of low expectations.


Wow!  As a bishop in his own religious denomination, he's got the black preacher style down pat.  With this powerful style and his common sense, moral message for our country, I hope he will act as a magnet for the black community as well as the white community.  He will reach out personally in the black neighborhoods and hopefully win hearts and minds.  He may present the model for GOP minority outreach and the model for GOP conservative principles.  No squish allowed - no more, no how.

WesternFreePress moderator

 @sleepergirl I think you are right. Also, I love the unabashed fusion of hardcore libertarian and traditionalist notes!