How Far Down We Have Fallen

| May 19 2013

Some disturbing thoughts . . .

Janet Levy

Astonishing to think that 20 years ago (1993), Bill Clinton ordered then-FBI head Louis Freeh to shift his focus from foreign terrorists to domestic terrorists – “rightwing extremists” – following the first World Trade Center attack which led to the FBI’s ignoring key evidence that would have provided valuable information on Al Qaeda.  (That’s CLINTON – the very same president who ordered that our troops be disarmed on U.S. military bases paving the way for Major Hassan’s successful Fort Hood attack).

Also, 8 years later, FBI head Mueller looked to ISNA, CAIR and the AMC to recruit FBI translators immediately following 9/11 while turning down Israelis for “dual loyalty” considerations!  (This when it was well known within the FBI that they were fronts for the Muslims Brotherhood.)

Are we actually scratching our heads about how Seal Team 6 was shot down in Afghanistan in 2011 and the U.S. “consulate” in Benghazi was attacked?  What does our new Muslim head of the CIA – Brennan – have to say?

Swedenistan – Now the Rape Capital of Europe – Becomes a Haven for Honor Killers

A 17-year-old Iraqi immigrant in Sweden who stabbed his sister, Maria, 107 times for leaving a forced marriage was sentenced to four years in juvenile detention.

The murderer’s Swedish lawyer had his original sentence of 8 years in prison reduced stating, “I thought the sentence was very strong, it was a very tough punishment.  I do not share at all the district court’s perception of the seriousness of the offense.”

Maria was born and raised in Stockholm.  At 12, she was kidnapped and brought to Kurdistan where she was raped and married off at 15.

Fun Fact of the Day #1 – An “Army” of Terrorists in U.S.

There are 875,000 names on a U.S. central database of terrorists – not a comprehensive list.  Five years ago, the list comprised 540,000 names.

As a point of comparison, the U.S. Army has 561,437 active duty personnel.

Fun Fact #2 – California BEFORE Amnesty

California has 12% of the country’s population BUT 34% of its WELFARE population.

Quote of the Day

“We no longer live in a country where the consent of the governed is taken seriously.”  – Jeff Goldstein, Protein Wisdom