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If Obama Has Lost Jon Stewart, Has He Lost His Base?

Posted: May 17, 2013 at 2:05 pm   /   by

In February, 1968, CBS’ Walter Cronkite was arguably the most trusted news person in the country.  Having just returned from Vietnam, Cronkite broke from his usual practice and offered commentary in which he cast doubt on the American mission there and its chance for success.

After Cronkite’s statement, President Lyndon Johnson is reported to have said that if he had “lost Cronkite”, he had “lost Middle America.” On March 31, he announced he would not run again for President.

Today, many of Obama’s most loyal supporters get their news from Jon Stewart’s show.  Sadly, Jon Stewart is their Walter Cronkite.

So …

Does the two-minute clip below (from May 14) constitute Obama’s “Cronkite Moment?”.  Have Obama’s loyal media and supporters finally had enough?  Obama can’t run again, but without a servile media and worshipful electorate, will he have any political capital left to further “transform” America?