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Judge Jeanine Pirro Calls Out Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama as Liars

Posted: May 11, 2013 at 11:20 pm   /   by

Once again, Judge Jeanine Pirro pulls no punches as she calls out Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jay Carney, and Susan Rice for lying to the American people.  On May 11, in under 12 minutes, the Judge reviews the facts — facts — as she excoriates them all as liars, betrayers, and hypocrites.

Says Judge Jeanine Pirro, with passion:

It’s not one fact, but each fact taken together as a connected whole, that convinces us of what the truth is.  And [what is] that truth?  Jay Carney, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama — they all lied to us.

Now I’m tired of the sugar coating … I’m tired of putting truth to the falsehood … a lie is a lie is a lie … let’s call it what it is.

Like the professional prosecutor this 62-year-old woman once was, Pirro hammers her case home, one fact after another, with marksman-like precision.

The judge also calls out Pickering and Mullen for their so-called “leadership” of the Accountability Review Board, Carney for his “bold-faced lies” from the Press Corps podium, and Panetta for his absurd rationalization of why nothing was done to help the besieged Americans.

Judge Jeanine modestly calls this segment her “Opening Statement”.  But it may well be sufficient to change the minds of millions of Americans who’ve hung on long enough with this president and his entourage.  And there’s surely more to come.  We’ve all been betrayed and exploited by them.  It’s time for it to stop.

Will any politician of either party step forward and stand as tall as Judge Jeanine Pirro has done?  The Benghazi Four gave up their lives.  Out of respect for them, can no politician at least risk his or her lousy political career?

“Scandal” is too tame a word for what Obama and his gang have done.  Watergate, Monica-Gate, Iran-Contra, Teapot Dome — none compares to this.  How much more will it take for those we’ve sent to Congress to step forward?