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Judge Jeanine Pirro Lambasts the Mother of the Boston Bombers

Posted: April 28, 2013 at 4:30 am   /   by

In her Sunday, April 27 show on Fox News, Judge Jeanine was at her finest when she delivered one of her “opening statements” to the vile mother of the two putative Boston bombers.

Wouldn’t it be nice if just one Washington politician had the guts to speak as Judge Jeanine does in this 7-minute segment?  Of course the Democrats are far too PC, and almost all in the GOP are crippled by their fear of ridicule from the Democrat-servile media.

In the meantime, we have to count on the few conservatives like Judge Jeanine to say so clearly and compellingly what so many of us feel.

If you want to make conservatives angry, tell them lies.
If you want to make progressives angry, tell them the truth.

David Leeper

David Leeper

David Leeper is a retired engineer living in Scottsdale, AZ, with his wife of 44 years. He is currently a volunteer science teacher at In his 40-year career he held positions from lab technician to technical vice president at Bell Labs, Motorola, and Intel. He holds 16 patents in telecom technology and a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. During his career, he wrote mainly for technical journals including Scientific American. He began writing for in 2011.
David Leeper


  1. sleepergirl says:

    Judge Jeanine got my “Irish” up!    She expresses my outrage – but in a calmer tone than I would have used.  The Boom Bomber mother cries crocodile tears.  If my sons were terrorists and one had been killed, I wouldn’t be able to face cameras, go on a tirade because of my real tears and sorrow.  If she is truly a Muslim woman, would she appear in front of cameras and the press with her “beautiful” face exposed?  would she even be permitted to speak?
    Her sons had been safe and sound and well cared for in the US for those many years.  The only thing that stopped that was their own terrorism.  They became murderers.  I had also thought before her broadcast that immigrants who become naturalized in the US and then commit unspeakable crimes should be stripped of their citizenship, serve their time in prison, and if there is any time left, kick them back to their native countries.
    Other than that, I have no opinion.

  2. Sharon says:

    Crocodile tears are the weapon of jihadists. They are their most effective tool for easing propaganda into the system. Just say no.

  3. NeilFeuer says:

    Neil Feuer
    If only 10 % of our population saw this, it would mushroom to 50% overnight as well as the social media sources. At that time, I would say that America “gets it”.
    Right now, we are leaderless and the people that are informed, like those that have seen or read this woman and this blog, feel good and on the ready, but no one to lead us.
    This statement by the Judge, was truly a passionate outcry as if from an “Ayn Rand” novel, but here we have one of our own, lead the charge to call it what it is, ” Radical Islam Muslim Fundalist Terrotism”, and we are at war!
    If we don’t recognize and stop this utter nonsense of being politically correct and living in our own bubble, God help us.
    We need more Jeanine Pirot’s to say what they know is true, and more journalists like David Leeper to open up a dialogue and just as important, we need everyone to get involved, speak their piece, no matter what, then we will get it and save our Country!

  4. Econ101 says:

    Leftists & Muslim extremists must have been thinking:  “Hey, if we can palm off a hatchet-faced jihadi mother as a sympathetic figure, there’s no limit to the scams we can pull on American!”
    Granted, Pirro is just one small counterweight, but I’m glad she’s there!

  5. phoenixlaw says:

    Some Americans continue to believe the myth that the terrorists attack us simply because of their religious views.  This successfully shrouds the real underlying reason:  US foreign policy.  “Muslim rage”  toward the US has to do with the fact that the US has been continuously bombing, invading and occupying multiple Muslim countries for years. There seems to be a belief in the US that we can invade, bomb, drone, kill, torture, and occupy whomever we want, and they will never respond.  Imagine how we Americans would react to years of attack, torture, imprisonment and brutality. Would we fight back?
    Being targeted with violence on our own soil is a major cost of war and aggression.  Pretending that this is all due to some irrational religious response and not our own actions is dangerous and delusional.  No group in the world will sit by and be targeted with violence and aggression without responding.  Even if the Koran and Islam did not exist, the people of the Muslim world would still seek to defend themselves against US aggression.

    1. Econ101 says:

      @phoenixlaw So should we try to save lives in Syria by intervening in some way?

    2. mathguy says:

      @phoenixlaw Right.  If Muslims want to kill each other, I say let ’em do it.  No more interventions.  Do you agree?

      1. phoenixlaw says:

        @mathguy What do you mean no more interventions?  It is well documented that the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia have been providing cash and weapons to the Syrian “rebels” since 2007.  In other words, the US and Israel started this “rebellion” and have kept it going for six years.  Just another Middle Eastern regime change done at Israel’s bidding.

        1. mathguy says:

          @phoenixlaw Well-documented? Where? What documents?
          No more interventions means no further interventions by US beyond whatever has already been done. Let the bad guys fight the bad guys. Agreed?

        2. phoenixlaw says:

          @mathguy  @phoenixlaw “The Re-Direction” – Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker.

        3. mathguy says:

          @phoenixlaw Thanks, bro.  I’ll check it out.  In the meantime, going forward, would you agree to no *further* interventions and meddling?  Full disengagement?  Let the muslims slaughter muslims?

        4. phoenixlaw says:

          @mathguy No further interventions would be great, but the history of US foreign policy for the last 60 years would seem to show that the US will never stop being the Middle Eastern bully.  Also remember, the US and Israel started this “rebellion” and have kept it going for six years, so it’s a little late to talk about non-intervention in Syria.

        5. ReginaMcGlashen says:

          @phoenixlaw  @mathguy It is never too late to stop conflict or disruption in the world. I am not sure about being a middle eastern Bully being attributed to  this nation. Who has all the oil? Who holds the price  of that? The most savage , uncivilized people live in the middle east part of the world that the US deals with for resources. Political tradeoffs been happening for years. As long as there is still blaming going on, there will be no settlement or peace anyway.There has to be a way to stop the wars besides kissing ass, as Obama wants as a way to stop the madness. The United States has it’s nose in everything, lets face it. What president said beware of foreign entanglements? We should have listened!

    3. GregoryConterio says:

       Thankfully, a solid majority of Americans believe the “myth” phoenix, because they weigh the evidence before them, instead of subscribing to some self-serving, ideological view which ignores that evidence.

      1. @GregoryConterio  @phoenixlaw @NeilFeuer @sleepergirl @mathguy Phoenixlaw, you keep saying this same thing in thread after thread, but you have yet to explain why Muslims are slaughtering people in scores of other countries, to the tune of hundreds and even thousands per month, every month. So, I will ask again . . .
        When Muslims slaughter two people in Tanzania for selling non-Halal meat, is that because of U.S. foreign policy?  
        When Sunni Muslims kill a Shia schoolteacher in Pakistan, is that because of U.S. foreign policy?  
        When Muslims douse a Copt in gasoline in Egypt and light him on fire, is that because of U.S. foreign policy?  
        When a Buddhist woman is murdered by Muslim separatists in Thailand, is that because of U.S. foreign policy?  
        When Muslims slaughter non-Muslims, or Muslims of a different sect, in Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Chechnya, China, Denmark, East Timor, Egypt, England, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Gaza, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macedonia, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Somalia, Spain, Sweden, Syria, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, the Maldives, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the Sudan, the Ukraine, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen and elsewhere, is that because of U.S. foreign policy?

        1. phoenixlaw says:

          @WesternFreePress  @GregoryConterio  @NeilFeuer  @sleepergirl  @mathguy How many innocent civilians were slaughtered as a result of our illegal war of aggression against Iraq?  How many innocent civilians are slaughtered by our illegal drone attacks?  How many innocent Palestinians have been slaughtered by the Israelis?  I’d say that the number of innocents that have died as a result of our foreign policy in the last 50 years far exceeds anything done by the Muslims.

        2. @phoenixlaw  @GregoryConterio  @NeilFeuer  @sleepergirl  @mathguy That is a separate question, one which I would be happy to address after you reply to the original question, which I have now posed in four different comment threads.

        3. GregoryConterio says:

          @phoenixlaw  @WesternFreePress  @NeilFeuer  @sleepergirl  @mathguy
           You can say that all you’d like, but you would be wrong, and by a very wide margin.As WFP points out, and as I alluded, you keep repeating the same lines over and over again, occasionally interspersing  left-wing slogans like “illegal war in Iraq,” all while continuing to ignore any facts or information that contradict your narrative, or questions which poke-holes in your assertions.

        4. NeilFeuer says:

          @phoenixlaw  @WesternFreePress  @GregoryConterio  @sleepergirl  @mathguy NeilFeuer
          If you think the Muslims  killed by us exceed on any in given day the number killed on 9/11/2001 and and the number of lives ruined on that day and in Boston, 2 weeks ago, and you think so highly of the Palestinians (just look at some new pictures of Palestine, they look pretty modern to me), why do so many look and go to Israel for help and to live,  and if you think so negatively of our country, LEAVE!

        5. mathguy says:

          @phoenixlaw  @WesternFreePress  @GregoryConterio  @NeilFeuer  @sleepergirl  @mathguy 
          pxhlaw writes: “I’d say that the number of innocents that have died as a result of our foreign policy in the last 50 years far exceeds anything done by the Muslims.”
          don’t forget the iran-iraq war where it is also “well-documented” that over 1 million people were slaughtered including children used to clear mine fields for soldiers.  this was muslim-on-muslim killing that dwarfs others in terms of deaths.  that too is the fault of the USA and Israel, no?
          and even that is dwarfed by the 50 million who died from malaria in Africa when US foreign policy supported a ban on DDT.  we’re a pretty rotten bunch all around, no?

    4. NeilFeuer says:

      It is people that think as you and are not willing to see it as it truly is, THEY HATE US AND WANT TO KILL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This has zero do with any American aggression, if anything, we are the least aggressive nation under this admin as ever and look at how we are  being laughed at and not respected, let alone feared.
      Just look at Syria and Egypt, we did nothing either way but humanitarian, and look at the result.

      1. phoenixlaw says:

        @NeilFeuer We did nothing in Syria??  Have you been living in a cave for the last 5 years??   The New York Times has just confirmed that the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia have sent billions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into Syria to continue the “rebellion” in Syria  –  a rebellion which we started and have supported for at least 6 years.  So, you are saying that the thousands of dead Syrians has nothing to do with US aggression?  You need to brush up on your current events.

        1. @phoenixlaw  @NeilFeuer I happen to agree that we should not have been supporting any party in the Syrian conflict. Doing so is essentially support of MB and their affiliates, and that is neither appropriate nor desirable. But this still doesn’t address the overall question of the source of Islamist violence, as queried above.

        2. NeilFeuer says:

          @WesternFreePress  @phoenixlaw 
          They just hate us and want to kill us, simple as that!
          Their is no logic or reasoning, it is Sharia law encompassing everything from A-Z!

    5. Rduvall says:

      @phoenixlaw You are not acknowledging the complete history of Islamic terrorism throughout the years.  The US was under attack by Muslims as far back as the late 1700’s.  Violence is a fundamental tenet of Islam.  The US, while not perfect has prevented many Muslim atrocities through their efforts, often at the bequest of the host countries.  There are many examples of Muslim attacks against America and American interests to which we have responded in kind.  Above the attacks against America, Islamic extremist attacks continue unabated all over the world.  If the Koran and Islam did not exist the world would be a much less violent place.

      1. @Rduvall  @phoenixlaw Excellent point, Rduvall.

      2. phoenixlaw says:

        @Rduvall  There are also many examples of American attacks against Muslim countries and Muslim interests.  The CIA overthrow of the legitimate Iranian government in 1953 was strictly an action to secure cheap oil, nothing more.  The illegal (under international law) invasion of Iraq in 2003 is another unjustified American attack which caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis.  Don’t try to paint the US as being under attack when we commit acts such as these.

    6. PatriotAZ says:

      @phoenixlaw We weren’t “invading, bombing, droning, killing, torturing, nor occupying on September 11, 2001.  The Muslims hate us because we are not Muslim and they hate our way of life.  Blaming America is the political correct thing to do–but it is not correct.  And, there is everything right about fighting back and everything wrong about ‘turning the other cheek’ to a bunch of lunatic madmen!!!!!

      1. phoenixlaw says:

        @PatriotAZ The US wasn’t invading, bombing or meddling in the Middle East before 9/11?  Have you been living in a cave??
        !949 – CIA initiates military coup deposing elected government in Syria
        1953 – CIA  overthrew legitimate, democratic government of Iran and installed our puppet, the brutal Shah
        1956 – Israel, Britain and France invade Egypt, with support from the US
        1958 – US troops land in Lebanon
        1963 – CIA attempted to assassinate Iraqi leader Qasim, and overthrows Iraqi government
        1973 – US airlifts military aid to Israel to turn the tide in war with Syria and Egypt
        1973-75 –  US supports Kurdish rebels in Iraq
        1975 – US vetoes UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli attacks on Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon in which thousands of civilians were slaughtered
        1980-88 – When Iraq invades Iran, US opposes any Security Council action to condemn the invasion and sends weapons, including chemical and biological weapons to Iraq, and provides intelligence to Iraq.  More than 1 million people die.  The US sends its navy to the Persian Gulf and shoots down an Iranian civilian airliner, killing 290
        1981 – US holds military maneuvers off the coast of Libya in waters claimed by Libya with the clear purpose of provoking Qaddafi. 
        1982 – US supports Israeli invasion of Lebanon ( with weapons supplied by the US) in which at least 17,000 civilians died, and US vetoes several UN resolutions condemning the invasion
        1983 – US troops sent to Lebanon
        1986 – When a bomb goes off in a Berlin nightclub, US charges that Qaddafi was behind it and conducts major bombing raids in Libya, killing dozens of civilians
        1988 – Saddam Hussein kills at least 40,000 of his own Kurdish population, most with chemical weapons supplied by the US
        1988 – US vetoes 3 Security Council resolutions condemning the continued Israeli occupation of Lebanon
        1990-91 – US leads coalition in war against Iraq
        1991 – US imposes devastating economic sanctions against Iraq to try to force Hussein from power
        1991 –  US forces permanently based in Saudi Arabia
        1993 – US launches missile attack on Iraq
        1998 – US bombs Iraq over the issue of weapons inspections, even though Security Council is just then meeting to discuss the matter
        1998 – US destroys factory producing half of Sudan’s pharmaceutical supply
        2000 –  US supports Israeli slaughter of thousands of Palestinians

        1. Mike Macomber says:

          @phoenixlaw  @PatriotAZ
           I wisdh you would get all the facts instead of just posting the little bits you think make your argument.  I cannot answer all, nor will I try, but In will dispute those I have been through.  1981, off the coast of Libya, I was there, we did not invade into the international recognized waters of Libia, Just the “line of death” which imposed an extra 200 miles of water.  1982, the US had just completed the evacuation of the PLO that had been terrorizing it’s own people as well as launching unguided missles into Isreal with no care as to where they landed.  most of the civilians killed were killed by the PLO. 1991 was not when the US permanently based armen forces in Saudin Arabia, I t has had bases there for a lot longer, even before I had joined the service. 1991 US leads COALITION forces against Iraqi forces because they were killing huge amounts of civilian people that were not MUSLIM. 
           I was there, I saw all the damages.  I saw all the black flags that marked all the mass graves where thousands were killed, bu the PLO, in Lebanon, after we acted as a bodyguard to ships carrying the evacuated PLo to Syria, keeping between them and the Isreali gun ships that wanted to finish the war the PLO started.  I could go on and on, but I will stop there.  I was a witness, I have seen these things.  I saw over 200 of my fellow UDS service men killed by a truck bomb as they slept in their barracks.  Their crime?  Cleaning the streets of mined and bombs the PLO had left behind.

        2. PatriotAZ says:

          @Mike Macomber  @phoenixlaw Thank you Mike Macomber!!

        3. @PatriotAZ  @Mike Macomber  @phoenixlaw Ditto!

    7. AmericanForLife says:

      @phoenixlaw Honestly I disgree with what you are saying. Those two “US citizens” Injured 170 and killed 5. And your really gonna post this saying how the fuck we would feel????? Those sand nigger mother fuckers came to our country, OUR COUNTRY. And what we have going on in the middle east is also Osama Bin Laden and and Suddam Husseins Fault and if you ever watch the news or know people who have went to Afghanistan you would realize that we treat and help the citizens that are trying to live and have a happy life in Afghanistan.
      Also your willing to say to me that 9/11 was our fault???? No it wasnt it was people like the brothers that caused the war in Afghanistan. And if your really gonna sit here and fucking defend them……… Go the fuck to the middle east you dumb unamerican bitch!! 
      IM AMERICAN AND WILL FIGHT, DEFEND, AND PROTECT my country from people like you!!!!!!!!

  6. Lynn says:

    Way to go Judge Pirro.  Why in the world would we let that evil POS enter our country for any reason?  There are enough Jihadi’s here already!

  7. jr says:

    Kudos to you Judge Pirro. I am so happy to hear what many of us Americans are thinking. You have it nailed!  All of these murderers hate us as you stated, yet we continue to fill their coffers with the very luxuries that our people lack. Shame on you who participate and agree with these “considerations” Tell the injured and maimed that all is well. Do you really think they will be satisfied with their lot in life now? How can you soften the pain of having lost a beloved family member? What rationale can one use to keep these AMERICANS at peace and forgiving those who caused this tragedy? WE are strong and will rise from the ashes as was done on 911. God Bless America, PLEASE!!!!!!!

  8. BeatfreaK says:

    I lost interest as soon as your “story” turned into a conflict between Liberals and Conservatives…Can’t you see that separation is what prevents us from progressing as a society?  If people focused more on the things we have in common (ex. our shared disgust regarding this mothers role in this tragedy)  instead of dwelling on our differences, the world would be a much better place.

    1. @BeatfreaK I understand the motivation behind what you are saying, and I respect the impulse. I believe, however, that this is a somewhat misguided view, for the following reason:
      Unity is highly overrated. People in totalitarian nations are “unified.” 99.99% of people in dictatorships vote for the dictator. But this is not real unity; it is just force. Real unity is an illusion.
      Human beings will always have different views, different opinions. For example, ideologically, I am an anti-statist and natural-rights libertarian. I certainly would prefer if more people had a similar viewpoint, and I am going to do my darnedest to convince people to my way of thinking. But it is very difficult to get everyone to agree.
      In a world of highly divergent viewpoints (statists and anti-statists are literally on opposite ends of the political spectrum), on what ground are we all supposed to all agree? Who is the arbiter of where our “middle ground” is? Michael Bloomberg likes to portray himself as neither Democrat nor Republican, but that doesn’t mean that his is truly a compromise position. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini tried to portray fascism as being a “third way”—they were “getting beyond politics” to get everyone together to “progress” as a society. But that was not freedom. That was not agreement.That was oppression.
      “Separation,” as you call it, may be painful at times, but it is also a sign that we are free. Fights between left and right aren’t fights over meaningless ideas, they are fights about things that truly matter. And they are fights taking place among free people. If we, as a civilization and a species, were to all figure out the best way to do everything, we would know it. We would feel the consensus. In the meantime, “coming together” and “finding common ground” often just means everyone being forced to submit to what one entity or another believes to be the consensus position. And, my friend BeatfreaK, as nice a person as I assume you are, I don’t even trust you to decide what that is.
      Argument means we’re still free.

  9. Debra says:

    I feel great sorrow for the Mother of the bombers. Period. I am a Mother. No matter what your children do, Mothers will always try to protect their children- in some way. It is a natural instinct to want to protect them, even if it is siding with them sometimes- especially when the Mother is in shock.  Judge Pirro is a rambling judgmental fool  without any consience of her won, who took short clips and her angry mouth to spread  anger and Political BS alon with her own ego. Some of the things this Judge  says is worse than the Mother’s words!

    1. Jeff says:

      @ Debra It’s obvious you must be a jahdist.  Only a jahdist would promote the rights of a son that would want to kill AMERICANS!!  Get your priorities straight as a mother and an Amerian, if you are one.  We, Americans, can only hope that you raise your son with morales, character and half the common sense that God, not Alah, gave a rock.  Other wise, someday we might see you on TV defending you son for killing Americans.  If you do live in America, like I do, we can only hope that you move to a different country fast.

    2. Pamela313 says:

      @ Debra The mother spoke with her oldest son about jihad. I do not feel sorry for this woman. And am I the only one who is tired of hearing her say she wishes she had never come to America? SO DO WE! I’m tired of these ignorant fools who are happy to take our handouts, use our schools, steal from our stores and still criticize America. Get the hell outta here!!!

      1. NeilFeuer says:

        @Pamela313  @ Debra 
        13 is my lucky number, 313 I love, and I stand right next to you telling them GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE1
        I am a father of 3 and a grandfather 0f 2.   One of my oldest and closest friends, who was and is my accountant, has been for almost 40 years, owns one of the most prestigious accounting firms in NY, years ago in conversation, he said and I agree with him, he would stick up for his kids regardless unless he was a Jeffrey Dalmer (who  was a mass serial killer plus other horrors way back then ), again I agree with him and you have a friend with me.
        As it turns out, I just heard that the mother might and possibly may be a radicalized woman herself, supporting her children and supporting them for purposes of killing us,, so, if possible, maybe she got what she deserves and believes in.  I agree fully with the Judge and I ampleased that we have people like her to tell it as it is.  My thanks to you Pam 313

    3. PatriotAZ says:

      @ DebraYou must be a liberal progressive who refuses to see ‘evil’ when it appears always making excuses for those who perpetuate ‘evil.’  Judge Judy is the only American with the courage to ‘say it like it is’.  If you can’t see the truth nor understand what is happening to our Country, you must be living under a rock.  I don’t dispute the Mother’s anger and sadness, but i don’t have to have empathy for her or with her. Her sons were and are pure evil and we need to begin saying this–to hell with political correctness.  We need to start speaking the TRUTH!!! and Judge Judy is showing us the way.

    4. truth will out says:

      I only hope your child or children don’t become victims of the same mindless terrorist idealogy.

  10. CindeeHousleyWoods says:

    You go Judge Jeanine Pirro!!!!!

  11. OpenToTruth says:

    Too much momentum here. Breathe, relax. Keep your minds open. Think for yourselves! Don’t give up your intelligence to the media. There’s so much more going on and we need to wake up. Damn all the evil-doers! We don’t deserve this! But we’ll keep getting this until we wake up and realize what and who is behind all the craziness!

  12. Nibirulilu says:

    What a wonderful to the point projection of reality and truth….
    Good for you Judge Jeanine you are a Pearl…..and a no 1 in my book…
    Thank you

  13. trooper Jim says:

    Trooper Jim , When is enough enough ! No more Mr nice guy, this country has given our sons and daughters lives for the freedom of peoples in every corner of the world. We have invited you into the USA
    to share our way of life.’If you don’t like it go home” We get it! But when you make war on us the rules and rights should go out the door!

  14. Jbarrial says:

    This Judge is amazing, she is my new idol:)

  15. ReginaMcGlashen says:

    All this horrible and tragic stuff happening is largely due to Obama’s policies and his need to NOT offend his muslim pals. If Obama waas gone the damn muslims would begin to understand their savior is no longer in a position to feed clothe and finance them provide them with weapons and make sure they have all the rights as a citizen in this nation. Obama sure has a way of pulling our constitution out of his ass when he needs it, but otherwise he keeps it dredged in shit and disuse.  None of this kind of crap happened until HE became our FAKE president,
    You can complain all you want about Bush, but did you ever feel afraid to step out of your door or that martial law was going to be declared and remove all your rights at the signing of a piece of paper?  Were you in fear of having your constitutional rights “changed” or taken on the word of one arrogant, arab muslim with fake identity and no  genuine birth certificate? He gave these two “misguided” youths the opportunity to thrive in this nation, all expenses paid, and they repaid us by murdering us, and all obama can think of is “wanting them to like us?  WAKE UP PEOPLE and get rid of the fraudulent bum in OUR white house NOW!

    1. NeilFeuer says:

      As long as Obama and all his cronies and czars are in office, nothing will change.
      I also feel as you with prior years and Bush and I have always said history will show Bush was a great president.
      Just look at him today, he is a gracious gentleman and a fine example, completely the opposite of what sits in the WH.
      He is not my president and I out and out announce that I have zero respect for him, nor will I ever watch him, listen to him, attend the grand ball to see him, he is insignificant, and the faster he is gone, the better off we will be.
      And safe as you said!

  16. tpataz says:

    That is no doubt the most prolific reporting / commentary I have ever seen. I salute you Judge Pirro.

  17. truth will out says:

    Absolutely spot on! If only more people had the courage to push the truth like this.
    It’s no good asking the politicians and legislators to do anything….they will only do what they see as good for themselves.

    1. @truth will out There are some who will still fight for what is right, but they are not great in number. They must hear from us as often as possible . . . . today being a good example:

  18. truth will out says:

    At last someone speaking the truth.
    It’s no good asking the politicians or legislators. They will only do what they see as good for themselves.

  19. Karenl says:

    That was awesome! I wish more people would stand up for America and tell it like it is instead of being afraid if ‘offending’ someone!

Judge Jeanine Pirro Lambasts the Mother of the Boston Bombers