Hell Freezes Over: Bill Maher Assails “Liberal BS” and Defends Christianity

| April 22 2013
David Leeper

Mawkishly liberal Bill Maher is suddenly showing signs of intelligent life.  Consider first this video clip in which he crushes liberal automaton Barry Levin over differences between Islam and other faiths. Gasping and grasping, Levin invokes “Pam Geller” and “Islamophobia”, two standard liberal incantations meant to support the liberal party line on moral relativism and non-judgmentalism. Maher, as a self-declared “truth lover”, doesn’t stand for it.

Consider also this clip in which, to the dismay of liberals, he decries the total tax burden of high-income people living in California. Notice Rachel Maddow’s deer-in-the-headlights silence.

Two cheers for Bill Maher … I’ll reserve the third cheer for the day on which Bill shows again that he can distingush truth from liberal dogma.


I wish Maher would have asked Barry  to post a cartoon of Mohammed on his web page and wait for the Muslim reaction.  Barry certainly lost that debate.  Three cheers for Maher.  I'm still not ready to call Maher a "friend" of the Right, though.


Dittos Dave, on Maher's minimal enlightenment. Ain't it amazing that the adage holds true: "A Conservative is a Liberal who just got mugged". Is he coming to terms with true nature of liberalism?


Sincere cheers to him and (who knows) hoping a blinding light (reminiscent of Saul becoming St. Paul) will reveal to him other significant instances of having been mugged