Stop Common Core: Part 3

| April 20 2013
Christopher Cook


The Common Core State Standards are a set of K-12 school standards being implemented in most states in English language arts and math. Proponents of the Common Core claim that the initiative was state-led; that the states adopted the standards voluntarily; and that the standards are “rigorous” and will prepare our children for college and careers.

This video shows why these claims do not ring true – and why parents, teachers, and legislators must demand that their states reconsider their hasty decisions to adopt the Common Core and again reassert their constitutional control over education.


Oh yes, the Supreme Court has decreed that using federal tax money to bribe states is totally fine.


When are more people going to refuse to let the Supreme Court be the final arbiter on what 300 million individuals are allowed to do with their own lives? Is a country free when people in Washington (or even the state capitals) have more power over people's children than their own parents?