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Ann Kirkpatrick up to her old tricks

Posted: April 19, 2013 at 9:15 am   /   by

Readers of WFP are well aware that Ann Kirkpatrick has a history in which two activities are prominently featured: prevarication and ducking voters or any hard questions.

But apparently, some questions are harder than others . . .

We already knew that Arizona Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick doesn’t like to show up to vote. But apparently when she does, she doesn’t even understand what she’s voting on.

In a recent interview with Arizona Public Media, reporter Christopher Conover asked the Arizona Democrat: “Is there any realistic hope that we’ll get a budget deal that both sides can at least agree to vote on…”

Kirkpatrick’s response: “The Senate passed a bipartisan budget… so I’m hopeful.”

A couple of problems… the Senate budget Kirkpatrick is referencing was not bipartisan. Not a single Republican voted for it – maybe because it included more than $1 trillion in tax increases and huge increases in spending.

Secondly, despite being “hopeful” about that Senate budget, she actually voted AGAINST it in the House.

One knowing whether any members of the other party voted on a bill shouldn’t be that hard. Knowing how one voted oneself – – – honestly, that should be a no-brainer.

Ann Kirkpatrick wasn’t ready for prime time when she served in Congress the first time, and she’s no more ready now. The people of Arizona and the nation deserve better.