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‘O-Brewer-Care:’ Surrendering Arizona to Obama

Posted: March 27, 2013 at 1:35 pm   /   by

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By Christine Bauserman, Tucson

The governor who once championed the plight of ranchers on Arizona’s southern border has created a chasm equal to the landmark in the northern part of the state.

Brewer’s ascent into the national limelight, with the passage of SB1070, is forever tainted by her rapid descent due to the surrendering of the state of Arizona to Obamacare. The governor of the state that passed a legislative referral to the ballot to amend the Arizona Constitution to prohibit Obamacare and then turned around and sued the federal government over the implementation of the program is now demanding her own party ignore its core tenets and embrace “O-Brewer-Care.”

The Republican Party disagrees.

The heroine of Arizona has self-inflicted a wound and it is becoming quite a natural wonder. Resolutions opposing O-Brewer-Care from county chairs were followed by resolutions opposing O-Brewer-Care from county executive committees, followed by resolutions opposing O-Brewer-Care from legislative executive committees, followed by resolutions opposing O-Brewer-Care from legislative districts.

These are her people. These are her elected precinct committeemen. This is the machine and the heart and soul of the Republican Party and it is being ripped out and stamped on. Legislative districts are at war. Resolutions, counter resolutions, and accusations of misrepresentation of intent are bubbling in the pot.

The Democrats cheer.

On the other side of the aisle the Democrats are tepidly cheering the surprising about-face of the reputed solid conservative. 100 percent of the Democratic caucus is voting for O-Brewer-Care. Her traveling power-point presentations given by AHCCCS personnel are attended by Democrats. Progressives and occupy members are well-represented too.

And in the middle a new group emerges – “Brewercrats.” Crossover Republicans supported by and supporting corporate healthcare and in some cases, displaying greater fear of the Democrats than their supporters, a group of five senators and 11 representatives are standing with O-Brewer-Care and the Democrats. In an historic time with a Republican majority, the Brewercrats have chosen to stand against their loyal supporters, watching in LD meetings while the hard-working precinct committeemen vote, often unanimously, for resolutions opposing the governor’s plan.

The sides are formed. Corporate healthcare joins with the governor to lead Democrats and Brewercrats, running a full-fledged campaign with their eyes on the future and the hope to reap, according to some estimates, $2 billion. The other side is the Republican Party, Libertarians, nurses, doctors and small business owners who have passion, a demand to be heard and who view keeping the Republican tenet of limited government the ultimate goal.

The image of a strong, finger-waving-at-the-president leader gives way to a portrait of a puppet politician surrendering her state and turning her back on the wishes of her own people.