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Republican House Victory Committee Providing Key Support to AZGOP

Posted: March 26, 2013 at 12:40 pm   /   by

Republican House Victory Committee Gives Nearly $20,000 to Arizona Republican Party

PHOENIX – Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party, announced today that the Republican House Victory committee has contributed its surplus of nearly $19,500 to the Arizona Republican Party.  The committee was instrumental in electing Republicans to the Arizona House of Representatives in 2010 and 2012.

“We’re entering a new election cycle for 2014 and this contribution is not just a tremendous strategic accomplishment but also a promising indicator of how successful our 2014 legislative candidates are going to be,” said Robert Graham, Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  “We are great stewards of our resources and we will use this investment to register voters and encourage them to vote Republican in 2014 and beyond.”

Graham added that he is grateful that multiple campaign efforts are now being conducted under one roof and that the Arizona Republican Party is at the heart of it all.

Additionally, Graham and a group of Republican benefactors are hosting a special Legislative Salute dinner on April 10th to celebrate our current Republican majority.  GOP strategist Frank Luntz will give the keynote address and Graham will showcase his plans for victory in 2014.  Event details are at


  1. rofomoreno says:

    Tho’ I support Robert Graham, I do so with a contusion on my faith.
    I would bet that it’s not just me, but when I hear or read the word “Investment” as relates to political seats, posts, chairs, campaigns, and elections, which in turn translates to skin in the game “investments”, which is then transfigured into stimulus in education, infrastructure, renewable energy investments, etc., etc., as deemed, defined, and determined to be a revenue spending necessity, justifying the act of procure by intimidation and spend, intended (so they say) to salvage the economic viability of state and local governments (and businesses) thereby helping to sustain them so that they are healthy enough to partake in the pork dividend that eventually comes with the “Investment”. Is investment the new recyclable?
    Hey, money has a purposeful silver tongue.  But I’m certain that a Frank Luntz focus group would agree; If you discuss revenue and government in these times, do not introduce the word “investment” as a remedy to heal my faith.

    1. @rofomoreno Gosh, I sure hope that’s not what a Republican leader means, especially in this day and age! I know that everyone has, to some degree, bought into the idea that government spending is the solution to all problems, but the GOP must be the counterweight to that, or we’re doomed.

      1. rofomoreno says:

        @WesternFreePress  What was once “The Party of No”, seems more and more ever so desperate to free itself from that (portrayed) stigma.
        The anxious place of gaining a semblance of acceptance, getting a little acknowledgment by Left-trenders, seems to drive GOP leadership to be more tolerant to the taste of conceding it’s principles.
        The electorate doesn’t like it but leadership keeps insisting that it’s an acquired taste; “Eat more …You’ll get used to it”.

        1. @rofomoreno The GOP has to translate its core principles into something that is relevant to people’s problems today. The core principles do not change, but their application does.

  2. rofomoreno says:

    “Investment” gets so misappropriated by President Obama and the Left, equating the justification of increased taxation with one’s personal choices in controlling where to appropriate, or invest the fruits of his sweat and toil, for his retirement.
    To my thinking, considering public education, our youth, with out a basis from which to compare get  a distorted explanation of what words like investment are truly intended to mean.
    Off I go to invest my worth ….

    1. @rofomoreno Same here!

Republican House Victory Committee Providing Key Support to AZGOP