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Our Pop-Warner President

Posted: March 23, 2013 at 9:00 am   /   by

One of the really fun, unanticipated benefits of the Obama presidency is the occasional new titles his administration bestows upon some of us.  Remember “Bitter-Clingers?”  That one was certainly fun.  My personal favorite must have been Janet Napolitano’s DHS memo, labeling conservative activists as potential threats to national security.  I actually had a T-shirt made-up saying “Radical Right-Wing Subversive, as labeled by the Department of Homeland Security.”  Ah, memories!

Well last week, Barack himself trotted-out a new-one, via his twitter account:

So now, as a proud bitter-clinger and right-wing subversive, I can add “severe conservative” to my official list of titles!  Imagine how impressive introductions will sound at politically-oriented events:

“..and I’d like you to meet Mr. Gregory Conterio, severely-conservative, bitterly-clinging right-wing subversive.”

All fun aside, I can’t help but to point-out how Mr. Inclusive himself, the great healer of all the social schisms of our nation, has managed to pull-off the exact opposite once more.  Seriously, what is the point of this tweet?  This is the president of our country, of ALL Americans, rubbing the noses of a very large portion of us in the fact that he has shoved his single legislative achievement down our throats.  When have we ever seen a president spike the football like this?  When have we ever had a president so infantile that he couldn’t resist saying “in your FACE!”  “I win, you LOSE!” to his own citizens?  There is no message, no purpose to this tweet, other than that.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is our president, a nine-year-old doing an end zone dance.