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Call it like it is: Those who oppose the free enterprise system are anti-poor

Posted: March 16, 2013 at 11:00 am   /   by

Another brilliant video!


Lovers of liberty and defenders of free enterprise need to make the MORAL case for capitalism. Capitalism is not just numbers in a ledger or stats about what system is more efficient. It truly makes human lives better. It not only brings greater prosperity; it brings greater happiness—not through material things, but through earning one’s success.

That was the subject of the American Enterprise Institute’s video contest last year, and this is another great one. It begins surreptitiously and cleverly, and slowly makes the point that free enterprise has lifted more people out of poverty, and made more people’s lives better than anything . . . Anything . . . ANYTHING else in human history. Every study and reasoned analysis of the facts show this beyond reasonable doubt.

That the left continues to doubt nonetheless demonstrates the utter lack of reason with which they approach policy and politics. And therein lies the pathway for the GOP, conservatives, libertarians, and the whole right, writ large, to fight back against their demagoguery and serial failures. Just ask,

“Do you hate the poor?”

Wait for the shock at the audacity of the question to subside, and then continue.

“If not, then why do you continue to fail them? Why do you continue to offer them solutions that do NOTHING for them? Why do you continue to malign the ONE system that can actually help them? Why do you seek to undermine that system, to burden that system, to change that system, so that it can no longer help the people who need it most? The rich are rich in any system. There are rich people under feudalism, despotism, capitalism, and yes, even communism. But the one system in which the POOR can rise is the free enterprise system.”

It’s time to start going on offense. It’s time to call it like it is: Those who oppose the free enterprise system must be against poor people.


  1. RmiBizGroup says:

    Great to read about free enterprise. Do you have a free enterprise business of your own in London?