Purpose of Colorado gun law is to protect people from “feeling uncomfortable”

| March 10 2013
Christopher Cook

A rape victim, testifying at a Colorado legislative hearing, wonders aloud how her life might be different if she had had her gun that terrible night, and then asks the legislators how her possession of a weapon to protect herself negatively impacts them or anyone else.

The first legislator explains the unfortunate truth that, based on the testimony they are receiving from people in favor of the gun-banning measure, the true purpose of the legislation they are debating is “to protect students and teachers from feeling uncomfortable by you carrying a gun to protect yourself.” The legislator (a Republican) then apologizes to the rape victim for that terrible fact.

Then, the next legislator to respond (a Democrat, naturally) lectures the rape victim about how statistics do not support the notion that she might have been able to stop her attack with a gun. In her efforts to do so, she even makes the victim relive some facts about the rape.

First, the legislator’s stats are nonsense. Women are more likely to be murdered than to kill an attacker? That tells us nothing. And to suggest that a woman with a gun is more likely to be victimized than a woman without a gun is foolish on its face. To say that to a rape victim lamenting that she was defenseless the night of her rape . . . that is just vile.

But second, eew. This whole affair is disgusting. The spectacle of people trying to use government force to rob people of their natural right to self defense is repellent enough, but sayings these things to a rape victim is beyond the pale.