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AZ Conservative Coalition Releases Legislative Rankings

Posted: March 10, 2013 at 4:45 pm   /   by






The AZ Conservative Coalition, formerly known as the PAChyderm Coalition, has updated and released their legislative rankings for the current session.

On the Senate side, the Top 10 ranked Republicans are:

  1. Andy Biggs
  2. Rick Murphy
  3. Gail Griffin
  4. Judy Burges
  5. Kimberly Yee
  6. Adam Driggs
  7. Steve Yarbrough
  8. Bob Worsley
  9. Don Shooter
  10. Steve Pierce

On the House side, the Top 15 ranked are:

  1. Carl Seel
  2. Steve Smith
  3. Steve Montenegro
  4. Warren Petersen
  5. Adam Kwasman
  6. Darin Mitchell
  7. Justin Olson
  8. Kelly Townsend
  9. John Allen
  10. Debbie Lesko
  11. Michelle Ugenti
  12. David Stevens
  13. Eddie Farnsworth
  14. John Kavanagh
  15. J.D. Mesnard

To learn more about the bills used to determine these rankings, click here.

The ACC describes itself as follows:

The AZ Conservative Coalition (ACC),  formerly known as The PAChyderm Coalition, was formed in 2003  in Phoenix, Arizona under the leadership of our Founding Chairman, Phil Mason.   Frustrated with the “Big Tent” philosophy in charge of the Party apparatus, Republican conservatives felt the need to establish an organization that would advocate for the Republican Party Platform principles espoused by President Ronald Reagan. Those fundamental principles, based on the Constitution created by our Founding Fathers, have been unanimously endorsed by the delegates to our national conventions every four years since 1980.  With that fact in mind, we are the mainstream of the Party.

AZ Conservative Coalition Releases Legislative Rankings