Virtual Inaugural Address on Guns by Bill Whittle, Virtual President of the United States

| February 21 2013
David Leeper

Here’s another fine presentation by Bill Whittle, Virtual President of the United States.

This one is titled simply “Guns,” and he hits his key points in his usual artful, compelling style in the format of a virtual inaugural address. This is another Bill Whittle video that will likely go viral.

Keep ’em coming, Mr. Virtual President!


This is too artiuculate and logical for the moron's in DC to comprehend.  Someone  please forward to Chuck Schummer and Obama's policy wonk's in the West Wing.  Clearly they do not teach the Constitution in the Political Science curricula at the nation's elite liberal universities.  I wonder what part of ".....shall not be infringed upon" they do not understand.


Congress is so isolated and each person is running around for their various assigned committees.  Do any of them actually know what goes on beyond the Washington Beltway?  I fear they don't.  I fear they can't put it all together.  I fear they are not as smart as they think they are and some of their constituents think they are.  We constituents must be very vigilante and never again take our eyes off the ball.  Congress can't be absolutely trusted anymore (if every they could).  Trust but verify.  Watch the ball.


Whittle hits another home run.  


Good one, Mr. Virtual POTUS!  Makes me pine for what could be.  But also gives me new energy!

WesternFreePress moderator

@JerryLaReau Do you think they don't understand----or do you think they do understand all too well, and that is why they are fighting so hard against it?