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Dr. Ben Carson, meet Adam Carolla

Posted: February 17, 2013 at 1:15 pm   /   by

In an earlier post, we discussed Dr. Ben Carson’s highly acclaimed speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, the reasons why it went viral, and the question of whether Caron may run for president. But there was one other item that I wanted to highlight. In all the hubbub about the (putatively) more incendiary things that Carson said, this gets a little lost . . .

Just before the ten-minute mark, Carson is talking about how taking responsibility for what happens in one’s life is so crucially important. He tells the story of his discovery of a “connecting thread” in a series of life-lessons, where he learned that, “The person who has the most to do with you, and what happens to you in life . . . is you.”

This stuck out to me not just because it is a trenchant observation and a helpful maxim to apply in one’s own life, but specifically because on Friday I watched a Prager University video with Adam Carolla discussing the same concept. Carolla’s video is well worth watching, for it makes this point clearly and effectively. His focus isn’t so much the moral point about why this attitude is ethically the right one to have, but more why this attitude will be helpful to each of us in our lives.

So grab yourself a fro-yo from the freezer, sit down, and enjoy: