NRA President David Keene on the Politics, Funding, and Illogic behind the Anti-Gun Lobby

| February 5 2013
David Leeper

Daily Caller, run by Ginni Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas), is a high-quality conservative website with many fine articles and interviews.

Ms Thomas’ lastest interview is with NRA President David Keene.  This compact, 27-minute video presents clear and compelling thinking regarding all the issues listed below.


  • How was the Newtown gun tragedy a crisis this administration took advantage of to manipulate public opinion to grow government and take away personal liberties?
  • Didn’t the Obama administration celebrate private ownership of guns against a repressive government in the Arab Spring? Why should Americans deserve less than the Syrians, Libyans or Egyptians
  • Explain the left’s tendency to blame guns, instead of people, for evil
  • How can one person make a difference on this gun issue?
  • Are boycotts or “buy-cotts” possible in this battle?
  • How do guns save lives?
  • How has the NRA changed through the years due to the rising threat to gun rights?
  • Is the U.S. becoming a nation dependent on its government for personal security?
  • What’s the new face of the concealed weapon holder?
  • How is Mayor Bloomberg and his anti-gun campaign symptomatic of a battle between elites and everyday citizens?
  • What are some back-door threats to gun control?
  • Do government background checks work?
  • Why did the NRA give $5,000 to Democratic Sen. Harry Reid in his election?