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Doug Little on Obama’s Gun Grab: “It Really Wasn’t that Big of a Deal”

Posted: January 24, 2013 at 2:12 pm   /   by

The AZGOP Chairman’s race is heating up and the showdown between conservative activist/ businessman Robert Graham and businessman/ firearms instructor Doug Little will be held this Saturday in Central Phoenix.

While Graham has been winning the endorsement war hands down, the vote is expected to be competitive on Saturday.

However, a new video has recently surfaced on the Internet showcasing a clip from the recent Casa Grande debate where Little and Graham were both asked to address President Obama’s gun control grab Executive Orders.  Typically this would have been a perfect moment for both candidates to seize on the red meat opportunity and lambast the president, but candidate Little’s response has us perplexed – especially from a man who makes his living as a firearms instructor.

When asked to comment on President Obama’s “gun grab” Little responded:

“The good news?  It really wasn’t that bad.”

“Not that bad?”

Another Arizona blog recently listed the 23 Executive Orders, including one provision that allows doctors to ask if you have a gun in your home.

Watch the entire clip below.  Candidate Graham was right to point out that regardless of whether or not the president’s 23 Executive Orders were tantamount to “gun control,” the real issue is that the president abused his executive privilege by circumventing the US Congress to enact his radical agenda outside of the halls of public debate.

RELATED: Robert Graham issued a press release on Barack Obama’s issuance of 23 Executive Orders earlier this month.  A copy of that release can be found here.



  1. ASU2141 says:

    Yes, Doug Little, the executive orders are a big deal.  Your comments are not well thought out and show a lack of understanding and poor judgment.  The party needs someone who will raise money and help conservatives get elected, not someone who thinks Obama’s gun grab is “not that bad.”  I really hope Robert Graham beats you handily.

    1. PACPAC says:

      I agree, it is a big deal. The Obamanation abuses Executive Orders to bypass Congress. Maybe he should have his Secret Service turn in their ‘assault weapons’ and make himself as vulnerable as he wants to make law abiding Americans.

      1. @PACPAC  @ASU2141 Yes, Obama’s EOs didn’t come right out and say that they’re going to do door-to-door confiscation, but that doesn’t make the EOs an unimportant thing.

  2. Guest77 says:

    I think @Doug Little did very well in hitting the points and discussing the impact the executive orders will have on our society. Mr. Graham, we do need background checks as to known felons and mental health. And I agree with Mr. Little in that – HELLO — “it’s no big deal, they’ve been doing this for years.”  If the Arizona GOP is to survive, they do not need someone who is on constant attack attempting to build mass hysteria. Mr. Graham’s response seems to purposely aim at Mr. Little’s response that it was not a gun grab and that the government has been doing these background checks for years.   
    As the author of this story points out, Mr. Little is in the firearms business so very likely he would be the first individual to be up in arms if his business was threatened.
    From my experience, Doug Little is a well-composed and level-headed individual.  Those two traits would likely compliment efforts to raising money.  No one likes to deal with a Hot Head!  I have confidence that Mr. Little knows how to get the job done.  Someone once said a long time ago that “You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.” Again, Mr. Graham, answer question “Please address Obama’s gun grab today.  What does it mean and what can we do about it?”

Doug Little on Obama's Gun Grab: "It Really Wasn't that Big of a Deal"