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Obama Attacks Israel; Netanyahu fights back

Posted: January 21, 2013 at 9:15 am   /   by

While President Obama faces a host of foreign-policy challenges—a resurgent al-Qaeda, a defiantRussia, a confrontational China, and a nuclear obsessed Iran—only a week before his inauguration for a second term he chose to bash his favorite foreign target, the State of Israel.

With all his foreign-policy problems, the president remains determined to maintain a full-court press against America’s strongest Middle East ally. There is simply no end to his self-righteous and condescending criticism of the only true democracy and free people in the region.

In an obvious White House leak, columnist Jeffrey Goldberg, writing in The Atlantic, delivered Obama’s latest verdict on Israel’s internal policies and a thinly veiled jab at Prime Minister Netanyahu.

According to Goldberg, Obama said that Israel’s settlement policy, and its strong defense by Netanyahu, reveal that “Israel doesn’t know what its own best interests are.” Each new settlement, Obama concluded, leads Israel further down a path to near total isolation. The president believes that such isolation will make it impossible to achieve the much-lauded two state solution, the solution that he and others advocate to the long simmering Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Campaigning for reelection, it took Netanyahu only 24 hours to reply. In a visit to defense installations near Gaza, the Prime Minister answered the president’s conclusion that Israel misunderstands its own best interests.

“I think everyone understands that only Israel’s citizens are those who will be the ones to determine who faithfully represents Israel’s vital interests,” Netanyahu said.

The Obama-Netanyahu conflict was a constant during the president’s first term. Now Obama is at it again, stoking the conflict between those who believe what is best for Israel and Israel’s right to determine the best course for the future and the best chance for peace.

What President Obama and Israel’s legions of critics fail to grasp is that Israel is not isolated by its policies; it is isolated by its enemies. Since its founding nearly 65 years ago, the State of Israel has been surrounded by a united Arab front determined to destroy the Jewish state.

In fact, the fighting started right after Israel was founded as a sovereign nation with UN blessing in May of 1948. That conflict and a series of subsequent wars were won decisively by Israel. Failing to win on the battlefield, the anti-Israel forces, ones that dominate the United Nations, are determined to win in the court of public opinion and international organizations.

The latest move came in November when the United Nations General Assembly voted to upgrade the status of the Palestinians. It was that vote, and Israel’s subsequent pursuit of additional settlements, that reportedly prompted Obama’s dismissal of Israel’s ability to determine its own best interests.

Truth be told, the two state solution is a myth. It will never be achieved as long as Israel’s enemies advocate destruction of the Jewish state. Israel does not and has never had a so-called peace partner willing to engage in meaningful negotiations. It has a determined enemy that will never denounce violence and the ultimate destruction of the Jewish people.

Obama has cast lot with the two-state mirage. He never misses an opportunity to criticize and even humiliate Netanyahu. He pays lip service to Israel’s defense and America’s devotion to the Jewish state, but his actions betray his rhetoric. His nomination of Chuck Hagel, the former Senator from Nebraska, as defense secretary shows his true sentiments toward Israel and his willingness to pander to Israel’s critics.

Obama has met his match in Netanyahu. The Prime Minister is poised to achieve victory in Israel’s upcoming election. His party’s success will make him the longest-serving prime minister since David Ben-Gurion, the most revered leader in Israel’s history as a modern nation.

Clearly the Obama-Netanyahu conflict will continue, but it will not be resolved. Netanyahu is a champion of Israeli values. He will not yield. Like many presidents before him, Obama will learn the hard lesson that Israel knows exactly what its best interests are, and will never be intimidated or forced into abject surrender to those who seek her destruction.

John Walker

John Walker

Team Writer at Western Free Press
John Walker is a long time observer of American politics with experience in journalism, government, and public affairs.

During the course of his career, Walker has worked in Chicago, Washington DC, New York City, and Phoenix. He served as a reporter in Chicago, a press secretary and speechwriter in Washington, and in numerous positions in New York in corporate and financial services communications.

Walker is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.
John Walker

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  1. phoenixlaw says:

    So, do you really believe that an American President owes more allegiance to a foreign country than he does to to the interests of the United States?  If you do, you are a bigger fool than I can imagine.
    First, some facts that you don’t seem to be aware of or more likely, choose to ignore.  From the creation of its state, Israeli leaders have vowed to push the Arabs completely out of Israel and Palestine.  Ben Gurion, Goldmann, Dayan, Meir, Rabin, Begin, Shamir, Barak, Netanyahu – every Israeli leader since its inception has been quoted stressing the Arabs must be, and will be forced out, not just from Israel but from all of Palestine.  “Israel should have exploited the repression of the demonstrations in China, when world attention focused on that country, to carry out mass expulsions among the Arabs of the territories.” — Benjamin Netanyahu then Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister, speaking to students at Bar Ilan University, November, 1989.   To this end, more than 650,000 Israelis now live in settlements, illegal under international law, on land stolen from the Palestinians.  The six-decade long, US supported, brutal Israeli occupation is one of the main reasons al-Qaeda exists.  Almost laughingly, when the Palestinians fight back against this illegal and brutal occupation and theft of their land, they are labeled terrorists.
    Secondly, Israel is not a democracy as you claim.  There is no written constitution, and their state laws are based mainly on ancient Jewish law and tradition, which of course, heavily favor its Jewish citizens over Arab citizens.  Examples:  Non-Jewish Israelis cannot buy or lease land in Israel.  Only Jewish citizens can serve in the military.  After military service, veterans are afforded better tax rates, education benefits and health services than are available to non-veterans. Non-Jewish communities in Israel receive on average 50 to 70% less funding for community schools and health facilities than do Jewish communities.  Sound like a democracy to you?
    Thirdly, Israel continues to attempt to suck the US into another war for its benefit, this time against Iran.  Iran is not a threat to Israel, and certainly is not a threat to the US.  Iran, unlike Israel, is a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty, as as such, has every right to develop nuclear power.  Israel, on the other hand, has hidden its nuclear program illegally from the world for at least 30 years.  If it’s fair for Iran to be the object of the West’s scrutiny, inspections and sanctions, then why isn’t it also fair for Israel to be the object of that same scrutiny, inspections and sanctions?  After all, Israel has the most lethal arsenal of nuclear weapons and conventional, chemical and biological weapons in the Middle East.  Israel and the US could wipe Iran out in a matter of hours.  Does anyone really believe that the Iranian leaders would be so stupid as to sacrifice their entire country for an attack on Israel?    Despite this, Israel continues to beat the drums of war, seeking to suck the US into another disaster.
    We give Israel more than $8 million a day, yet Netanyahu continues to spit in the face of the US.  It’s time for the US to say enough is enough.

Obama Attacks Israel; Netanyahu fights back