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Robert Graham’s Statement on President Obama’s Recent Gun Proposals

Posted: January 16, 2013 at 4:15 pm   /   by

PHOENIX — The recent tragedies that occurred in Colorado, Connecticut, and most recently California have shaken our communities. I grieve with the families and victims of these senseless acts of violence. Unfortunately, these acts have reminded us that evil will always exist in our world.

While I share the grief of the victims and have difficulty understanding these tragedies, I believe it is important that we have a deliberate and thoughtful discussion about preserving the constitutional rights of law-abiding Americans in our society. Outright bans have never and will never solve the violence that plagues our society. Instead, we need to have a discussion on the real issues that lead to these tragedies.

The Supreme Court has continued to rule that the Second Amendment unequivocally protects an individual’s “Right to Bear Arms.” Unfortunately, President Obama and his allies in the anti-gun establishment are using the recent tragedies to advance a political agenda that will infringe on the Constitutional rights of responsible gun owners.

As it was recently reported, President Obama is currently considering circumventing the Constitution and bypassing Congress by enacting a series of Executive Orders to unlawfully enact the Left’s radical agenda. I am strongly opposed to this effort and believe that the President should follow the legal and Constitutional legislative process and have this public debate in the halls of Congress – with all parties and stakeholders present.

I would remind the President that the recent tragedies do not represent another crisis that should be exploited, but rather see this as an opportunity to have an adult conversation about the proper role of firearms in our society while protecting the rights we as Americans hold dearly.

I will continue to support Second Amendment rights, and I urge our elected leaders, especially President Obama, to have a thorough and open discussion that follows the legislative process and is not enacted through a series of closed door Executive Orders.


  1. FrancineRomesburg says:

    Very well spoken Robert.  The Arizona State Republican National Committee vote is coming up and people should know your stand on this.  We need strong leadership in the local RNC as well as the National RNC if we are to continue having a strong Conservative Republican Party in this Country.  I will ensure this information from Robert is put out to the Tea Parties here in Arizona to get a better idea of who Robert Graham is.

    1. @FrancineRomesburg Super. Graham appears to have broad spectrum support from many quarters in the movement.

Robert Graham’s Statement on President Obama’s Recent Gun Proposals