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Mommy, Why Do the Democrats Hate Freedom?

Posted: January 15, 2013 at 8:35 am   /   by

We will, herebelow, use the term Democrats, but we could just as easily say statists, the left, Obama, etc. These are essentially interchangeable.

Democrats love to portray themselves, and their policies, as being “for the people.” But if they truly cared about, loved, and respected us, don’t you think they would trust us more to make our own decisions? To choose for ourselves? But they almost never do.

If Obamacare were so great, wouldn’t we want to be a part of it? If this government healthcare system they’ve created were the best choice for us, surely we would want to opt in? Why can’t we have that choice? Why does it have to be forced upon us, with a penalty if we don’t do it?

Why can’t we choose?

The same thing with Social Security. There are a lot of people who would choose to spend the money that now gets taken from them in payroll taxes and put it into a private retirement system if they could. But they can’t. You’re not allowed that freedom. If Social Security were such a great deal, why then, surely they wouldn’t need to worry—people would choose it. But they don’t give us the option. They force us.

Why can’t we choose?

A lot of parents would like to have the option to use the money that is now taken from them in school taxes and spend it on a choice other than public school. But parents aren’t given that freedom, and when they try to get it, the Democrats fight tooth and nail to deny them that choice. But if government schools are so great, then what do they have to worry about? Surely we would choose to send our kids there.

Why can’t we choose?

If you don’t live in a right-to-work state and your place of employment is unionized, you have to pay union dues. Maybe you feel like you could negotiate a better contract on your own (as is often the case). Maybe you just want to use that dues money for something else. Why can’t you? The Democrats want all states to be forced-union states. In fact, if federal law didn’t prevent them, they would want all states to be closed-shop states, where you were not only forced to pay union dues whether you want to or not, but where you were forced to join the union, whether you want to or not. What is it with Democrats and force?

Why can’t we choose?

If we run a business like the Hobby Lobby, and we offer our employees health insurance but we don’t want it to include abortion-causing drugs, why can’t we do that? Why do we have to be forced to do something that goes against our religious beliefs?

Why can’t we choose?

If we run a business like Chick-fil-A and we want to locate a franchise in a city, and the people of that city want to come to my restaurant and “eat mor chikin,” why do Democrat mayors want to deny us all that choice? Because they don’t like what we choose to say or think? Aren’t businesses free to locate where they want? Isn’t it customers who make the choice to patronize that business (and have it succeed) or not patronize that business (and allow it to fail)?

Why can’t we choose?

If we listen to the radio, or we run a radio station, and we want certain kinds of programming, why can’t we have that? Why do they have to shove policies like the Fairness Doctrine down our throats? If people want to listen to other viewpoints on the radio, they will. Why can’t we be free to program how we want, and listen to what we want?

Why can’t we choose?

If we own a restaurant, or we eat at a restaurant, why can’t we choose what we serve and what we eat? Why are so many Democrats trying to force us to eat a certain way? Why can’t I choose to eat fatty foods, or not? Why can’t a restaurant choose to serve big portions, or small? Why do they want laws to force us all to do what they want?

Why can’t we choose?

If I am on a college campus—where the Democrats, statists, and the left reign supreme—why can’t I say what I want? Why do I have to go to a special “free speech zone”? In some places, I get no speech rights at all. Why? Why can’t I say what I want, and then others say what they want in reply? If a “free exchange of ideas” were really what they are after . . . if they really trusted us, why wouldn’t they let us say what we want?


But, you see, they don’t trust you. They don’t trust you, they don’t love you . . . they don’t even like you. You’re just cannon fodder to them. They don’t trust you to spend your own money. They don’t trust you to make your own choices. As their philosophical progenitor Jean-Jacques Rousseau said, they believe you need to be “forced to be free.”

Oddly, the one area where they have most famously lionized choice is in the area of death. You are free to choose to kill your fetus (abortion) and you are free to choose to kill yourself (euthanasia). They trust you with the power of death, but not to make choices for your own life.

And yet they claim to care about people.


  1. Michael says:

    I completely agree.  Sadly, your list only scratches the surface of what they force onto us: what kind of toilet we can flush, how to light the interior of our homes, what kind of bags to use at the grocery store (California’s newest) , and on and on and on.

    You also nailed it about abortion.  Ask a liberal, “what are the limits of government power?”.  If they are honest, they would have to answer: “the government cannot bar you from having an abortion.  Other than that, there is no limit.  The government can dictate every minute detail of your miserable life.”  Liberal Democrats hate freedom and are basically disgusted by their fellow humans.  Seriously, to these people freedom = abortion.  To them, as long as you can have abortions, you live in a “free country.”  Truly, Freedom has few friends.