Israel “did more to secure the rights of civilians…than any other army in the history of warfare”

| January 15 2013
Christopher Cook

Full quote: “The Israeli Defense Forces did more to secure the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.”

This not only sums up recent campaigns, it sums up the IDF’s approach generally. This should be common sense to anyone who knows the capabilities of the IDF. They could, if they wished, wipe out targets from the air. They could swoop in with helicopters and devastate with rockets and mounted guns; they could roll in with tanks and crush everything in their path. They could target and obliterate the source of rocket attacks without ever putting a single man on the ground. They don’t. Instead, they go house to house on the ground, with strict rules of engagement. They do their best to avoid civilian casualties. They lose soldiers they don’t need to lose in order to try to prevent civilian casualties.

You won’t hear this in the media, which, being on the left, has naturally taken the wrong side in this conflict, just as the left gets everything wrong. Instead, you will hear in the U.S. and world media constant libel and slander of the IDF and the world’s only Jewish state.

This video has a French title, but the speaker is speaking in English.


What BS !!  In the last IDF attack on defenseless Gaza:  1417 Gazans were murderedby the IDF - at least 1000 of whom were civilians, including at least 600 women and children.  Oh, and there were 13 Israeli deaths - 4 from friendly fire.