Houston Teenager Saves Himself and His Sister with AR-15 Assault-Prevention Rifle

| January 11 2013
David Leeper

Every Fox News program I scanned yesterday (January 10) had the same video of a confident Joe Biden describing the president’s soon-to-be issued executive order(s) infringing on an individual’s rights protected by the 2nd Amendment.

Nowhere on any network did I see any mention of the Jan 10 Houston story below, involving the dreaded AR-15 rifle being used defensively.

In this case a 15-year-old boy defended himself, his 12-year-old sister, and his home against two suspects intent on a home invasion. His “assault rifle” was the defensive equalizer that saved them. Maybe we should begin calling it an “assault-prevention” rifle?

Perhaps this story will be covered at some point by Fox. But surely it will appear nowhere else because it doesn’t fit the Democrat-servile media’s prescribed narrative on “gun control”. This is their moment, you see, and they will not report on anything that might jeopardize it.

One can easily imagine a 105-pound woman with small children in similar circumstances facing a trio of hulking home invaders. Her only defense may be a weapon with enough firepower and enough rounds in a single magazine to beat back those attackers, protect her children, and save her own life.

“Stop the madness!” screams Gov. Andrew Cuomo from a podium, protected by his taxpayer-provided bodyguards and sounding like a parody of himself. Is it “madness” to suppose that a woman might choose to have access to a weapon effective enough to defend loved ones against home invaders? Can the governor determimne her self-defense needs better from Albany than she can, living in her own home?

Does the pious Andrew Cuomo or the condescending Chuck Schumer really think government can best safeguard women and children by confiscating their defensive weapons? Or by limiting their weapon’s magazine capacity? From their demagogic rhetoric, it appears that they actually do.

After all, there’s always 911, and when seconds count, the police are just minutes away. Right, Chuck? Right, Andy?


Another name for the weapon could be "crime buster" or "crime defense" gun.  Today we read that Obama signed a law to provide all former presidents with lifetime Secret Service protection extending it from the current 10 years.  It's paramount that these officials be protected (really?), that Hollywood actors all have their personal bodyguards with guns, but for us worker-bees on the ground, not so much protection.  Should Obama then sign a bill to provide armed protection to all of us?  Better yet, just keep your hands off our guns.