Murder rates: El Paso vs. Juarez

| January 8 2013
Christopher Cook

Got this via Facebook yesterday:

Was listening to the radio tonight in the garage. The talk show host stated the gun-related murders of both Juarez, Mexico which has guns banned & neighboring El Paso, Texas which has a 2nd Amendment right to keep & bear arms. Here are the 2012 statistics:

Juarez, Mexico gun-related murders with guns banned = 1,955.

El Paso, Texas murders with 2nd Amendment = 16.

Guns save lives.

I just had to vet it. The notion that Juarez would have more murders than El Paso was not a surprise, but that El Paso would have such a comparatively low number was pretty amazing. But according to my vetting, the basic gist is true.  In fact, El Paso has not had more than 20 murders in a year since 2003. Juarez, by contrast, is one of the murder capitals of the world. The numbers themselves do not appear to be accurate for 2012, but the murder rate gap in these two places, which are so close they can be seen from one another, is somewhere along these lines.

Does legal gun ownership account for the difference? Only in part; there are a lot of other factors. Certainly, if I were going to be a disarmed citizen, I’d rather be disarmed in El Paso than disarmed in Juarez. But generally speaking, I am safer if I, a law-abiding person with no criminal intentions, am armed rather than disarmed, no matter where I am. What is so hard to understand about that simple calculus?


Proof means nothing when you are up against "True Believers", those on the left that are firmly convinced that guns are evil in and of themselves. The true believers are, in turn, fodder for the politicos that see an armed populace as a threat to their political aspirations as well as their ability to wield power.

WesternFreePress moderator

 @Johnmp603 Yes, belief in the face of contrary evidence is a stock characteristic of the utopian statist/leftist.